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Posted February 19, 2016 by andrewroxanne

Birds have been lovely and friendly companions of men for many years, and will continue to be for many years to come.
Birds have been lovely and friendly companions of men for many years, and will continue to be for many years to come. As a loving owner and caretaker, it is one’s duty to give his little birdie a wonderful home to live in. Bird cages are the most popular homes for birds available in the market. Another important thing that one must ensure is that he must provide his birds nothing but only the best bird supplies.
Bird cages are available to us in a wide range of varieties. They come in almost all shapes and sizes. Bird cages that are suitable to almost all kinds of birds are now easily available in the market. There are various things one must think about while selecting a cage for his bird.
The first thing to think about is the size of the cage. No matter how well one feeds his bird and loves it, denial of freedom is indeed a harsh thing to do to any creature. This becomes even worse in the case of birds, since they are beautiful creatures which are meant to fly with total freedom. So the least that can be done for the bird is to provide it with a cage that is as big as possible. Before buying the cage, the place where it is to be kept should be decided. Then the largest cage that fits that place can be purchased so that the bird can be provided as much freedom as possible. One must also be cautious about the cost of the cage so that it fits into his budget.
The spacing between the bars of the bird cages is also equally important. Usually, the larger the cage gets, the wider the spacing becomes. The cage best suited to a particular type of bird should have a spacing smaller than the bird’s head. This is to make sure that the bird is not able to point his head out through the cage; this is very dangerous because the chances of the bird breaking its head are way too much. Besides, if the cage is to be placed outside, such as in the garden or the backyard, the spacing should be very small so that predators like cats and snakes can’t harm the bird in any way.
The materials used to make the cage should also be given importance. Cages made of cast iron or hard iron are strong but not as strong as those that are made of stainless steel. The former can be used for five to seven years and the latter can be used for ten to fifteen years without any damage.
Cages with special properties are also available. Special trays are available with certain cages that can be placed under the floor so that the litter can be cleared easily without much difficulty. The doors must be kept as big as possible so that the cleaning process becomes easy.
Bringing up a pet bird has its own difficulties. Thus, purchasing good bird supplies is indeed important. Giving the bird a proper nutrition is indeed an essential task. So the best quality food must be given to the pet so that it gets sufficient nutrition for a proper growth.
Some other supplies include perches, covering cloths, etc. Perches are essential parts of a bird cage. One or more of them may be placed in a cage depending on the size. Covering cloths must also be purchased so that the bird is allowed some private time. The bird supplies that are selected must also be affordable to the buyer. The aim is to find the best supplies by spending the minimum amount of money.
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