Opulant Crystal Waterfall Chandeliers Are Aesthetically Pleasing And Adds Gravitas To Any Space

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Creating An Instant Feeling Of Affluence And Lavishness, A Crystal Waterfall Chandelier, With Its Intricate And Exuberant Flowing Pattern, Will Reflect Light Through The Clarity Of The Material, Differentiating It From Ordinary Glass
Chandeliers are constructed by using plenty of high-quality crystals, a transparent form of glass, assembled in different formations to create unique pieces. Each crystal or pendant is characterised by brilliance, hardness, and unsurpassed quality produced using an intricate chemical process. By adding PbO to glass, there will be an increase in clarity and light refraction, allowing light reflection to effuse numerous colors. The best way to appreciate the true radiance of a cut crystal pendant is to view it under a direct source of light.

When chandeliers have been hanging from a ceiling for a couple of years, the crystals will attract dust and grime, losing their shimmer and luster as well as their ability to reflect light. Therefore the crystals can be detached, soaked in a mild detergent, wiped, and replaced. However, be aware of the pitfalls.
It is imperative to make sure there is a diagram or drawing made or even a picture was taken of the chandelier in its assembled form before the dismantling and cleaning process commences. Once the crystals are removed, especially when the chandelier has an intricate design, it will be nearly impossible to re-assemble the piece perfectly.

Make sure that the chandelier can be easily reached and that there is a safe platform on which the individual pieces can be laid down. When the task feels overwhelming, consult the experts for help and advice.
Because chandeliers are designed to sparkle and add glamour and elegance to a living space, it is important to keep them in a clean and shining condition. Chandeliers can be huge dust gatherers because they are out of reach. Dust will reduce the aesthetics and ambiance. There are five basic steps when it comes to cleaning chandeliers effectively, which has been the best-kept secret ever.
Dust that has settled on a chandelier can waste an enormous amount of energy. Besides reducing its star-studded appeal by looking dull, removing dust and grime ensures that these fixtures operate efficiently and will add years to their life.

The very best option when opting for a deep clean of chandeliers would be hiring a professional. When using well-established knowledgeable service providers with the correct tools and skillset, is a cost-effective choice, while it eliminates the risk of accidental damage.

In some cases the chandelier will need to be lowered, which may expose electrical wires, causing great risk to the untrained person. Inexperience can also lead to damaging the crystals in the dismantling process, which is also difficult to replace, especially in older chandeliers. Although a homeowner can do it successfully, it is feasible to call in the experts.

An annual cleaning operation should be undertaken, to ensure that the proper maintenance is done and to detect any dangers, or weak support beams, which could cause the chandelier to drop. By cleaning the crystals once a year, they keep their sparkle and it prevents grime from affecting the chandelier. Dust will easily be removed by using lukewarm water and a microfiber cloth to wipe the crystals, which should always be handled with care.

Annual cleaning will only work effectively if weekly dusting takes place. This will eradicate the build-up of dust and grit. The duster should be dry. Do not spray any commercial or homemade solution on the chandelier before dusting, as this could lead to possible corrosion and degradation of the chandelier.

Do a regular inspection before calling the experts. When there are visible loose wires or broken elements, which will reduce the functionality of the chandelier and increase electrical bills, call for help. Alternatively, schedule regular appointments with a chandelier installation company, which will have a maintenance department to attend to these matters.

These five steps are real game changers. However, some people still prefer to do it themselves. The most efficient way to clean a chandelier is by wiping down each crystal with a microfiber cloth. First, spray the crystals with a solution made with a 1:4 ratio of isopropyl alcohol to distilled water. Wear a pair of white cotton gloves to avoid fingerprints on the prisms. To bring back the bling in crystals, use ordinary vinegar. Soak the corner of a cotton swab in vinegar and rub down each side of the crystal. Rub dry immediately to avoid watermarks.

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