Packages and Steps of IV Hydration Therapy at Replenish 360

Posted July 21, 2022 by fyanking22

Replenish 360 offers one of the most affordable wellness and preventative services that are personalized and one of the most activating one-of-a-kind IV drip and infusions
Do you often go through dehydration while working in a hot environment? Do you have started a new medication that usually forces you to feel dehydrated? If yes, the best solution in both cases is to undergo IV Hydration Therapy available in your area.

Overview of IV Hydration or IV Drips

IV Drips refer to specially formulated fluids injected into the patient's vein to treat or prevent dehydration. The treatment is useful for people belonging to different age groups, who have dehydration, injury, or are sick. It is also recommendable for people who have dehydration from undergoing surgery.

Special IV Hydration Package

Whether you belong to Cathedral City or any other area, you may try Cindrella Fusion Hydration by Replenish 360. The hydration package lets you get a Phoenix immune booster combined with the antioxidant blend to get an elegant and healthy mixture of IV fluids.

Other than that, if you search IV Drip near me, you will get Cindrella Fusion Hydration in two different packages of 500 ml and 1000 ml. The details of the packages include the following-

500 ml IV Drip

Half-sized or 500 ml IV Drip has an infusion period of approximately half an hour. It is available for only 229 dollars.

1000 ml IV Drip

1000 ml IV Drip full-size fusion hydration is also available during IV Infusion Therapy. It requires approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour of infusion. You have to spend about 290 dollars to purchase it and to meet your hydration and wellness requirements.

Regardless of the Cindrella hydration you choose, you get a skin-refining and anti-aging cocktail. Accordingly, your drink will contain Ascorbic Acid or Vitamin C, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Glutathione antioxidants.

Steps Involved in Intravenous Therapy

Your healthcare provider associated with IV Drip Hydration will take the following steps-

Decide the type of intravenous fluids you require

Determination of the speed and amount of intravenous fluids, which depend on the weight, age, and medical conditions

Clean or disinfect the skin before infusing the IV fluid on the inner part of your elbow

Tie a tourniquet or elastic band across the arm to let the blood flow through the veins

Examination of the veins to identify the right insertion site

Slide a needle into one of the veins, where the needle is a sterile one and it has a small plastic tube at its other end.

Put a small plastic over the tube and test it to assure the flow of fluid without any hassle

Tape the intravenous needle to the respective arm to keep it in the right place

Attach the small tube to a long one and attach it to fluids containing a bag

Use a hook to hang the bag containing IV fluids over a tall stand

Switch on a machine to pump the fluid content into the intravenous line

Once the healthcare expert set up everything, he will check your intravenous line regularly and monitor the fluid that enters your body. In this way, IV Hydration Therapy may deliver nutrients and medications.


IV Therapy or intravenous treatment for dehydration is a simple and safe procedure to let you feel far better than before. If any of your family or you are severely ill, you should look for intravenous treatment without any hesitation.


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