It is only a word difference from the red tail

Posted March 21, 2022 by crosslineswivel

The inadvertent bow tie will attract everyone's envy
Secondly, the TOEFL bait is the right way. Brother, I am a 'platoon tailman' again. It’s not that trash fish don’t eat light bait, but as long as they are not so active and the bait stays in the bottom for a longer time, crucian carp has a chance. By the way, the so-called situation where the big fish enter the nest and the small fish avoid it does not apply to crucian carp.

It is only a word difference from the red tail, but the meat is crude and fishy, ​​which is the most unpleasant.By the way, a little brother fishing friend called me two days ago, saying that he had gone to Sanzun Reservoir to complete a plate of my own land, but nothing was gained. The same fishing ground, the same fishing position, why did it work well a few days ago but not work today? Without him, the water temperature rose and the fish became active.

Although it is small in size, one bite is dried and fried. By the way, I would like to mention a sad reminder. Although I just opened a new one, I decided to open a new one: Fresh fragrant crucian carp bait 20% plus snow powder 40% plus 40% battered grain noodles, plus wire drawing powder.It is most suitable for drinking. Light bait will weaken the function of attracting fish.

Even the crucian carp slabs, which are hidden deep in the usual days, can't help but come out to find objects and play with friends, which makes the fisherman happy! The inadvertent bow tie will attract everyone's envy. Green slopes and green waters, quiet and skilled Looking at the riverside, I no longer have the right to choose a fishing spot.

The rape blossoms on both sides seem to have not bloomed yet, but under your feet, they have become like this.. I happily go there and draw out my sharp sword, 'ten meters in the sea', test the water 1 meter deep. Chatting with me, talking about card game and fishing, still think fishing is more fun.

The places where the wind is downwind, and where there is grass, are full of fishermen who arrive first. My feet are also tortured in a disproportionate way.2 meters, swing the rod in a figure eight shape, and throw the rice and rice with vegetable cakes into a group to the fishing spot. One hour later, the 10-meter drift showed signs of moving
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