The roller is severely worn until it is destroyed

Posted March 21, 2022 by tensionkits

The noise of the rules sometimes happens in the operation process "interruption, and rule happening"
Sharid squeaky noise may be due to inappropriate lubrication. Countermeasures resulting in bearing rolling surface breaks: replacement bearing, irregular noise, such as bearing operation, sometimes happens,, irregular sound, no sound change with the speed change ", this situation It belongs to irregular noise, more common in small bearings, leading to this situation: excessive clearance, foreign matter invasion and ball injury, and three situations.

The noise of the rules sometimes happens in the operation process "interruption, and rule happening", this is a rule, and the cause of the rule is mainly: due to foreign body scroll There are three cases of surface deformation, rust, scars, (after steel infosing) surface deformation and racefall surface break. Countermeasures for bearing breaks: Replace the bearing.

Countermeasures for foreign matter invasion of bearing: Research replacement bearing, cleaning related parts, improve sealing equipment, using clean lubricant bearing injury or fracture: Replace the bearing. Countermeasure: moderate use of lubricants, research and replace the choice of lubricant, study the replacement of the bearing, cleaning . In this middle, when the bearing temperature does not reach the normal temperature, we will take into account the bad factor.

Too much lubricant or too much countermeasure: reduce or supplement the lubricant, the appropriate amount of use, regularly give the bearing to replace the lubricating oil or grease, select a harder grease. Some rotors can cause unbalanced centrifugal forces during the operation of the corrosion or solid impurities of the medium, or if the shaft is bent, it will result in an unbalanced centrifugal force, thereby causing the bearing heat, vibrate, and the roller is severely worn until it is destroyed.

The rotational speed is slow and different from the surrounding heat conditions. For example, the process is not in line with the requirements, the rotor is movable, the static imbalance, the basic rigidity is poor, the ground deficiency, the rotation, and the asthostat.
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