Yasmin Ghafoor An Epitome of Strong Woman

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Life is full of ups and downs. A strong woman accepts the war she went through, faces boldly, and is ennobled by scars.
Life is full of ups and downs. A strong woman accepts the war she went through, faces boldly, and is ennobled by scars. Yasmin Ghafoor is an example for many women facing a tough time. She explains the benefit of being strong no matter how tough life gets with her autobiography, The Untold Story of Yasmin Ghafoor.

Yasmeen Ghafoor is the author of the autobiography The Untold Story of Yasmeen Ghafoor. In her book, The Untold Story of Yasmeen Ghafoor, the author has described the different life challenges she faces and how she embrace a strength within her.

Her book entails all the things that women face during their life spans. She explains how it happens to all of us that it is easy to reject and criticize cause we feel like we aren’t good enough. We suddenly find ourselves engulfed by despair and what is felt during those breaking points. Yasmin’s book describes the difficulties women experienced and how to be a woman that become an inspiration for others.

She explains in her book that strong women know she has strong point enough for the journey, but a woman of strength knows it is in the voyage that she will become strong. They feel anxious and fearful of the change. She is an example for many people, especially girls and women. As a child born in Peshawar with her childhood, spent a life in a village bordering Afghanistan, Yasmeen knew to enjoy the simpler things in life.
Yasmeen, unfortunately, had to face the reality of life at an early age and live away from the family she loved. She had migrated to the United States from an early age alone and was brought up by her guardian here. Soon being a kid, she forgot about her natural territory and got immersed in modern society. However, soon she had to face betrayal as she experienced physical violence by the one she trusted and followed to a distant country alone.

After moving back to her village, she truly experienced a lot of hurdles. These incidents make her a woman who boldly passes every obstacle and achieves everything in life gracefully. Yasmeen had to face many difficulties at an early age where most of us lose hope, but she finds ways to cope with all hardships. She knew it was the only way to become stronger. However, all these difficulties made her a strong woman and taught her how to be an example for others.
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