The highest level you can wear, evidently

Posted March 15, 2022 by Dragonborn

The fastest way to get clue scrolls is to pickpocket feminine HAM members
Now, let's get to your question. I'm not able to answer that. Instead, I'd rather claim that the most effective method of earning profits from the clue scroll is by doing the level 1 scrolls. This is because they are more convenient to locate as well as complete. They also offer the chance to get great rewards, particularly god pages, however also things like purple sweets , and other things like purple sweets and. Some pieces of modified equipment are also popular, such as wizard (g) for example, and they are also only available in level 1 scrolls.

A bank account that is full of all the clothes you need (I'd make a list as you make your way through, but you could buy them all in advance) and access to all of the places (and guides until your memory is flawless), you should be able to make 500k-1M/hr at a minimum. Note that most of this comes from an additional chance to win a lucky scroll every couple of hours or so, when you'll find a great page or an item that you want to purchase. cleaned equipment.

The fastest way to get clue scrolls is to pickpocket feminine HAM members. They're a lot easier than males (so you'll have a better chance of success) You'll also get scrolls much faster. Wear a pair of silenced gloves as well as the other tools I've forgotten: the key to this technique is to get scrolls down to a fine art, to the point where you're doing 5, 6 or even 7 scrolls in an hour. If you're not comfortable wearing gloves of silence yet you don't need to worry.

Hey there, wondering what I should bind besides my prom 2h currently and gorg platebody. I haven't had much experience of dg yet, and I'm at lvl 90 but I plan to do more as I enter EOC. What kind of items should I include in my arsenal?

The highest level you can wear, evidently. If you'd like to go for a hybrid set instead which will sacrifice some defense in exchange for more flexibility. You could substitute an item on the legs to BN or Hex should you find any of them. Hex is still broken in eoc though. Surgebox is being hacked in the live game, and it will be obsolete as of eoc, because staves are the source of all runes in elemental form.

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