Wrongfully terminated?

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Employees are protected against premature termination of a contract when the employee is following the contract terms.
The term ‘Wrongful Termination’ refers to loss of employment in an unfair and illegal manner.

Since Arizona is an employment at will state, it may be difficult to prove wrongful termination. ‘At will’ means employers can terminate an employee at any time, with or without cause.

However, in some specific situations, firing or laying off an employee is illegal and considered ‘wrongful termination’, for example, discriminating or retaliating against employees.

Examples of wrongful termination include –
• termination based on retaliation
• termination based on breach of contract
• termination based on discrimination

Breach of Explicit or Implied Contract

Employees are protected against premature termination of a contract when the employee is following the contract terms.


Employees are protected under law against retaliation for unlawful activity, such as whistle-blowing (reporting unethical or illegal conduct) or refusing to engage in activities that are illegal or against public policy.


Employees are protected under law from discrimination in the workplace. Employers cannot discriminate against employees on the basis of age, sex, nationality, religion, race or disability.

Constructive Discharge

Employees file a wrongful termination claim if they had to quit their jobs due to workplace discrimination, harassment at work, or a hostile work environment.

If you suspect that you or a loved one has been dismissed and it is wrongful termination, you should consult an experienced employment law or wrongful termination attorney to discuss the facts and circumstances of your case so that you can get the justice you deserve.

Employment law can be complex to navigate and requires thorough knowledge of the finer nuances to understand potential claims and defences.

If you have been fired or laid off from work or felt compelled to resign because of your employer’s discriminatory, retaliatory, breach of contract practices, or any other protected classifications or activities, you may be entitled to a wrongful termination claim.

However, many employees lose what they deserve because they have no idea how to go about filing a claim or may not even understand that they can file a claim.

Don’t lose out on what you legally deserve. If you suspect that your employment was improperly ended, consult an experienced wrongful termination lawyer and schedule a consultation. The attorney can help you understand your rights, whether you can file a claim and what compensation you deserve. They will also help you file the claim, gather and submit necessary documentation and represent you, wherever needed.

To learn more, consult one of the leading wrongful termination or sexual harassment in Phoenix, AZ at Chahbazi Law PLLC or call 602-282-5868 Now! Attorney Meenoo Chahbazi uses her extensive experience and passion for employment equality to represent Arizona employees in a wide range of employment matters.
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