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Posted November 23, 2021 by essistorefixtures

Most of you must have noticed in retail shops that goods and other products that are placed on the shelves, either fall down or get mixed with other products.
Most of you must have noticed in retail shops that goods and other products that are placed on the shelves, either fall down or get mixed with other products. For instance, if there is an orange candy shelf on the top platform of the candy racks, then you will find some orange candies fallen down in the section of the chocolate candies or pineapple candy section. Such type of situation mostly happens in retails where there is no proper shelving with proper divisions. And, in many cases, goods even fall off from the shelves and are scattered down and the staff has to again rearrange the same, instead of helping the customers or watching out at the store.

Shelves for Bottles and Other Products

Therefore, it is very important for retail shops and stores, to have a good shelving system. Plus, many times it also happens that where there are neatly packed goods or packets like biscuit and chips or soaps if those items are kept with divisions or fence then it becomes difficult for the customers to pick up the item, they have to search. So, one of the neatest ways of placing such items like shampoos and creams is to place them on Gondola End Cap shelves with no fence. So, they can easily pick it up.

Candy Racks & How it should be –

There are different types of Gondola shelves that the ESSI Store has. So, it is very important for you to enquire with the store about the different kinds of rack or shelves to keep different products. For instance, a candy rack is something that is very different from the Gondola end cap shelves or rack. You cannot keep candies in a Gondola end cap or industrial shelving. Candy racks have a slanted platform in which one stores the candies that become visible to the customer i.e. the name of the candies. So, if you are looking for some good candy racks for your shop, then you should order a Gondola Shelving Candy Rack that is made for candies and all kinds of chocolates. When the candies are placed neatly, then it becomes easy for the customers to view and choose the right ones. In addition, the candy racks have a fence also to prevent it from falling, as in gondola end caps racks if you place the candies then it will all fall off from the platform.

Choose Dividers for Your Shelves –

So, always choose the right shelves and racks for the right products. And, if you feel that or you have shelves in your store that has no divider or fence and you cannot replace it, because it will be a costly affair. So, you can contact the ESSI store and switch to Gondola Shelf Dividers, where they will come and fix the dividers on your shelves, without you having the need to replace them. Also, they can put up a fence for you, so you can make an order for Gondola Shelf Fence also.

About ESSI Store –

This company has been in B2B since 2001. They provide the following types of products like Gondola Shelving, Slatwall Panels, Newspaper Displays, Paper Storage Racks, Wire Grid Panels, Slatwall Peg Hooks, and Potato Chip Racks, and many more. Also, they can come up at your unit or store, or warehouse and fix the fence and dividers and others for you. To know more you can contact them at


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