Large Superfine Goddess Varahi Marble Statue

Posted April 25, 2022 by exoticindiaart

Varahi, a supremely powerful Tantric goddess is one of the Sapt-Matrikas, seven mother goddesses who accompany goddess Durga to the battlefield as per Shakta tradition.
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Varahi, a supremely powerful Tantric goddess is one of the Sapt-Matrikas, seven mother goddesses who accompany goddess Durga to the battlefield as per Shakta tradition. The sow-faced goddess is considered a mighty incarnation of the divine mother and the counterpart of Vishnu’s Varaha avatar. In the Tantric traditions, she is often described as a warrior but for her children, she takes the form of an affectionate mother whose love is as pure as the snowy white moon. In this form, she is the bestower of mental and spiritual strength. Shweta (literally white) Varahi, the satvik or pure form of the goddess is evoked in times of peace when instead of victories over the enemy outside, the devotee seeks to conquer her inner adversaries.
Presented on this page is the most tranquil and beautiful marble stone idol of Shweta Varahi, sitting on a full-bloomed white lotus, in the pose of royalty- Lalitasana. On her head is placed a royal mukut (crown) embellished with golden floral patterns and the crescent moon. The moon represents a person’s emotional domain, which is protected by the great goddess from all worldly turmoil. The forehead of the goddess is decorated by a singular red dot or Bindi, emphasizing her auspiciousness. Her sharpened tusks are replaced with much smaller and gold-tinted bumps peeping from her mouth, signifying her distance from the violence of the battlefield and proximity to the Satvik (pure) elements. Her earrings are comparable to two drops of gold dangling from her fan-shaped ears, matched with two gold necklaces and a Mauktik mala (necklace made by strings of pearls). Varahi in this particular murti has eight arms in which she bears- Ankush (goad), Hala (plow), chakra (discus), shankha (conch), danda (staff), and paash (noose). With her main left hand in the Varada mudra, she gives boons to her devotees while her right hand is raised in the gesture of fearlessness (Abhaya Mudra). All her hands are decked with gold rings, bangles, and auspicious motifs in bright red color. Shweta Varahi is wrapped in a white sari with a golden border secured at her waist with gold Katibandha (waistband). The pleats of her moon-white sari tucked under her right leg form a lovely pattern similar to the petals of a gorgeous white flower. Dressed in white and wearing fineries of gold from head to toe the goddess in this marble murti appears to be the ideal vision of purity. One glance at the animate eyes of the Devi will calm your mind, liberating it from all its plights. Varahi is related to the Agya chakra, the sixth principle chakra in our body, more commonly known as the third eye. In her Roopa as Shweta Varahi Marble Statue, the boundless mother goddess represented in this brilliant white marble statue guides her devotees through blinding darkness, into the light of self-awareness.
Goddess Varahi Marble Statue:
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