Large Superfine Sri Ganesh Marble Idol as Lambodara

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Sri Ganesh, the son of Parvati and Shiva, following the footsteps of his parents is auspicious and benevolent to the pure-hearted and good, standing between them and the forces of evil.
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Sri Ganesha, the son of Parvati and Shiva, following the footsteps of his parents is auspicious and benevolent to the pure-hearted and good, standing between them and the forces of evil. In his role as the protector of the weak, Ganesha took many forms which are beautifully described in various Hindu Puranic texts. One of these, the Mudgalapurana describes an episode of a battle between Krodhasur, the demon of anger, and Ganesha, in a chapter known as the Lambodara Khanda- the Khanda or part dedicated to Lambodara the Lord with a huge (Lamba) belly (udar).
Arising out of Shiva and empowered by the boon of the Sun god, Krodhasur began troubling the gods, who reached out to Ganesha. The great elephant-faced God appeared in front of Krodhasur and proclaimed that he is the master of all illusion and wisdom that is in the world. In his protruding belly, Lambodara holds all the worlds and all the gods, whose protector he is.
Standing majestically in this splendid Ganesha white marble statue, Lord Ganesha inspires devotion and surrender with his stance and form. Adorned with a kingly crown decorated with a peacock feather and crescent moon, decorated with golden lotuses on the trunk, Ganesha’s visage is heavenly. He is four-armed, holding a goad, a trident, and a mace in three hands, forming the Abhaya mudra with the fourth. Besides these, a bow with a lion emblem and a quiver full of arrows with a lotus motif is a part of Lambodrara’s weaponry. He is wearing fine clothes of beautiful orange and green shades, complimented by his exquisite jewelry. The floral udarbandha or belly belt nicely embellishes his expanded belly the home to all life forms. Mooshak or mouse, Ganesha’s mount, devours a laddoo (sweet), sitting near the feet of his Lord Ganesha Statue. With compassion in his eyes and authority in his form, this white marble statue has successfully given Ganesha- the protector a spectacular illustration.
Sri Ganesh Marble Idol:
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