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Part of the fun of taking photos is displaying the increase the creativity of your shots and making your photos the center of attention
Part of the fun of taking photos is displaying the increase the creativity of your shots and making your photos the center of attention. ZhejiangSimple techniques can produce stunning results. With the march of technology cameras have improved so that even the beginner can enjoy making unique and memorable pictures. Here are some techniques for you to experiment with, and enjoy making your one-of-a-kind photos that will surprise and thrill your audiences.

Multiple Exposures:

* Soft focus-for the slightly blurred effect. You can use a nylon stocking or Vaseline over the filter. You can also use a soft focus lens. This can work well with nature shots like flowers, landscapes and even people. To produce this slightly out of focus effect use a wide aperture. You can create this effect by manually throwing the subject out of focus.

* Near-Far Soft Focus-some parts of the picture have a soft blurred effect and others are distinctly focused. You will need at least 3 objects at different distances from the camera for this effect. Check for proper distance by focusing on the nearest or farthest object. The first shot should be sharply focused on the nearest image and the second on the farthest image. You can experiment with multiple objects to increase your creativity with different effects.

* Soft Focus Zoom-showing expanding soft focus layers. You will need to set up your camera to take at least 5 pictures in the same frame and set the f-stop for a wide aperture. Use your zoom lens and try this sequence of focusing. With your first exposure use 70mmfocal length, second 105mm then 135mm, 170mm, and lastly 200mm. You can experiment with different focus lengths to be more creative but try to go in logical sequence of long to short or visa versa. To keep the object symmetric use evenly spaced focal lengths. This will produce a quite spectacular effect. It is especially effective for shots with flowers like roses.

* Multiple exposures in one frame-the dreamlike impressionistic view. Use 5-8 exposures in one frame. You can use any width of aperture. The trick is to move the camera slightly for each exposure to produce the overlapping effect. In this photo everything is out of focus. You can experiment with different subjects but landscapes are very effective. This will produce unique photos and definitely increase the creativity of your shots.

How to set up your camera for multiple photos: Manual cameras can still be used for multiple shots.

1. Take your first shot

2. Turn the rewind handle Zhejiang factory 30-300W high-speed lamp Senor 5 years warranty

3. Depress the rewind button

4. Turn the shutter lever and set shutter button for next exposure

5. Take the second exposure and repeat the steps.

Adjusting exposure values to get the correct exposure with multiple exposures with one frame: This technique will also increase the creativity of your shots. Underexpose the exposures by adjusting the film speed. Multiply the exposures on the frame by the film's ISO and set your film speed accordingly. For example if the film ISA is 100 and you are taking 5 multiple exposure on a frame your film speed would be 500. Then use the camera's exposure values as if you were taking a normal exposure shot. Notes to the wise, do not forget to reset your film speed to normal for single photos. Focusing and multiple shots are just a few ways to increase the creativity of your shots. You can also experiment with light, filtering and positioning your subject. You are the artist and your camera is your tool, together you can make unique shots and thrill your audience with excitement as you show off your latest photos. It is a wonderful way to liven up a gathering and be the "Star of the party."
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