How to getit: You will need the Solar Ore

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Bring a Fishing Rod! Once you've arrived at the Fishing Platform and are there, head to the southernmost fishing spot and cast your line. After catching a few fish there is Longbow Ben's Golden Peg Leg. He will hand you his peg legs if you return it to him. Bring the entire collection back to Trader Stan and he'll tell you to finish one more task. You must take out the Sea Serpent that sank a ship carrying half of his trading supplies.

Take your most powerful range or mage gear and begin sailing on the Trader Stan's Vessel. It has been equipped with two cannons and two catapults, and is now ready to sail. You only have 50 Cannon Balls, 50 Large Rocks and 1 Catapult. Make sure you make use of them properly. After the captain has you to the spot somewhere near Pirate's Cove - Wait for about a minute and then the Serpent will appear. You only have a few seconds to keep him from drowning, so make sure you shoot with precision. After the intense battle, take the serpent's head to the Trader Stan. Congratulations! You have completed the "A Sailor's Live for Me!' Challenge!

You can acquire a pet skill. I sat in my chair and watched my buddy playing world of warcraft on his other computer. He was riding on a sort of elephant, or i dunu. I thought that runescape should have a pet skill. I'am not trying to be greedy i understand how much it costs to update runescape. I'm not like the other novices who just give random suggestions that are expensive hundreds of dollars.

How to getit: You will need the Solar Ore and the Solar Bar. The Solar Ore can be obtained on the west-side of Solar Isle, where you are able to access the mine site. Go down into the crater, and mine the sparkling rock. You'll get 1 Solar Ore. There is a second, and close to the mining site is a Furnace and a Anvil. Also, bring a hammer. Use the solar ore with the furnace to obtain a Solar Bar. Click Smith Solar Staff and use the Solar Bar to create a Solar Bar. After you receive a Solar Staff, you will need to use it. You'll need at least 70 Magic and 80 Attack to use the Solar Staff.

How to get Then go back to extract 6 solar Ores. After that, return to the furnace, melt 6 Solar Bars. You can use them to smith the following items with the anvil The items include: 1 Solar Hood; 1 pair of Solar Gauntlets; 1 pair of Solar Boots; 1 Solar Robe Top. They need 70 Magic and 80 defense to be worn.

The Enchanted Ancient Tinderbox. How to get: Take an ordinary tinderbox, and walk to the top of the stairs in Cheiftan’s hut. You'll receive an Ancient Tinderbox when you dip it in the Fountain of Ancients. Next, use the Operate option on the Solar Staff to enchant the item. The result is an Enchanted Ancient Tinderbox. It is possible to take the bowl off the Cheif's table to your home and make it the firebox. (Require level 70 firemaking to make use of and build the Ancient Tinderbox)

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