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Allowing all couples to have ‘the second child’policy has caused a public furor in China.
“Allowing all couples to have ‘the second child’policy has caused a public furor in China. The effect of this policy may not be apparent in the short term, while in the long run, the effect of this policy to the trend of China's economy will be remarkable.” Recently, John Naisbitt, a world-renowned economist, futurologist, as well as the author of Megatrends, and his wife, Doris Naisbitt, a famous observer of political and economic trends, addressed speeches on the International Forum on Family Education 2015, which is sponsored by the Chinese Society of Education, organized by the Professional Committee of Family Education Chinese Society of Education, co-organized by the New Education Research Institute, and supported by the Qtone Education Co., Ltd. for public interest. They hold that the most precious resource of China's education is to develop children's potential.

The future economy of China depends on whether Chinese children's potential can be awakened

It has been put forward on the Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th Communist Party of China Central Committee to allow all couples to have the second child. It's the second adjustment to the population policy after the central government of China proposed two years ago to allow families where either parent was an only child to bear two, and again caused a public furor. Lately, It hasbeen reported and led a warm discussion. Shall the couples have a second child or not? Will they be able to afford the living fee of the second child? These questions triggered widespread discussion among the public.

In respect of these questions, John Naisbitt said on the International Forum on Family Education 2015 publicly supported by Qtone Education that the policy has again caused a public furor while the effect of this policy may not be apparent in the short term. While in the long run, considering the influence of demographic dividend on economy, it is predictable that the effect of this policy to the trend of China's economy will be remarkable.

“We all know that China's GDP growth is slowing down, China's future economic growth depends on whether the underlying potential of Chinese children can be awakened or inspired. Now the potential of Chinese children, especially of those in rural areas, have not been fully developed.” Doris Naisbitt pointed out that digitization of education is a very important trend to further develop children's potential. We should provide students an individualized education by means of information technology. We should also create a good environment for children's growth, including an equal and friendly domestic environment, so that they can be consciously innovative and deal with the future challenges. That's the point where Qtone builds the K12 online education platform.

John Naisbitt and Doris Naisbitt especially emphasized the huge economic impact this policy will have on the family level. Meanwhile, the family should play an independent leading role, which shall not be totally influenced by economy. They believe that embracing this leading role of family in economic development will bring new opportunities to China's economy. Technology and innovation from China will change the whole world.

Both family and government should be prepared

What if the first child would not agree to have the second child? Mr. and Mrs. Naisbitt found this question very interesting. Doris Naisbitt said, "It's almost a worldwide problem that the elder being jealous to the younger, which happens almost in all countries, and the one-child policy shall not be to blame. It depends on wheather the problem can be solved by the parents.

Doris Naisbitt's daughter has two daughters and there's no sibling war; Professor John Naisbitt has five children and the relationships among his children are as well very harmonious.

Being asked what is the secret of building a harmonious relationship between her children, Doris Naisbitt suggested that the parent should have sufficient preparation before they decide to have the second child. They should tell their first child that the new-born baby will be a start of the family's prosperity instead of a cause of conflict. The Naisbitt's has developed a ceremony for the whole family to celebrate every new baby ’ birth. “A new baby is not born to compete for resources, but to share the family's sense of joy and the sense of participation. It's important for the family to get ready.” John Naisbitt said.

He also especially calls on that not only the family, including the parents and the first child, should get ready but the government should also put more efforts in auxiliary facilities, such as education, medical service, etc. It's mainly the urban population that will be influenced by the policy at present. Are the cities prepared? John Naisbitt said, “We are full of expectation.”

Future family education, education on children as well as on parents

“Education Originates from Family”is the theme of the International Forum on Family Education 2015 publicly supported by Qtone Education. As a world-renowned futurologist, John Naisbitt gave a definition of the future family, especially the future family education.

Mr. and Mrs. Naisbitt pointed out that teaching-involved resources to train and educate parents in all levels are needed. The parents as well as teaching staff are learners themselves. They should learn with the children. And in this digital society, such learning is no longer and shall not be confined to the traditional classrooms and textbooks any longer; it needs a broader, more systematic and more professional platform. In this respect, the Qtone Education undoubtedly has done quite well. It provides the latest and most popular educational courses for parents and teaching staff so that they can constantly learn new knowledge,learn about the latest and most vivid setion from the courses from time to time, so as to adapt to changes of the society.

For most parents, another challenge is to provide education to themselves while their children are educated. Naisbitt pointed out that, by giving the example of raising child by grandparents being popular in China, grandparents' experiences are mainly from the last century, which is absolutely different with the era we are living in. Raising a child with outdated experiences is not a good family education.

Considering the huge influences the family education may bring to the economy, Naisbitt calls on the government to set up assisting programs, which can help the grandparents and parents get education and adapt to changes of the society.

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