Tips to Spawn Kosumoth the Hungering to Win Fathom Dweller in WOW 7.0

Posted September 9, 2016 by fifapal

Tips to Spawn Kosumoth the Hungering to Win Fathom Dweller in WOW 7.0
Huge news! WOW rare elite, Kosumoth the Hungering, appears in Legion and rewards a new water mount, Fathom Dweller. Here is a guide on how to obtain the world quest and get the reward in wow legion. Besides, cheapest wow gold is in stock to you in case on Safewow.

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First, learn something about Kosumoth the Hungering

Kosumoth the Hungering is a rare elite who can reward the mount Fathom Dweller or the pet Hungering Claw via a World Quest! It spawns in Eye of Azshara zone south of Dalaran. So you can fly there or ride an water mount to go there. It appears to respawn every five to ten minutes.

Second, obtain the world quest

1. Speak to Drak'thul, who is located at the southwest of Broken Shore around 37.1;
2. Find Weathered Relic which is located at the Broken Shore at the cave around 57,52. To enter the cave, you have to die first and enter the cave as a ghost. At the end of the cave you will find a tiny little pile which you have to loot.
3. If you fail to get the Weathered Relic, you have to go back to Drak'thul and speak with him again until he orders you off.

Third, start clicking on orbs in this order

1. Azurewing Repose (Azsuna) (37.96, 37.41). The cave is hidden in the grass and rocks.
2. Lorna's Watch (Stormheim) (32.92, 75.90). Move down the hillside, and the cave is hidden behind a tree. Note that there is a Kangaxx with 86M HP.
3. Lorlathil (Val'sharah) (41.51,81.18). Go straight along with the path on the shore, and the cave is under a big tree, and an elf is around the tree.
4. Fly to Dalaran and glide down to the Broken Shore at 29.16, 78.57 and dive until you will see the underwater cave entrance.
5. Fly to Felblaze Ingress (Azsuna) and go to 59,37, 13.13. The cave is in the bushes.
6. Fly to Shield's Rest (Stormheim), swim north , and you will see a shark. The cave is right under the shark.
7. Fly to Skyhorn (Highmountain) and go to 55.84, 38.47. You need to jump down, and the cave is behind the bushes.
8. Fly to Azurewing Repost (Azsuna) and go to 54.02, 26.18. The orb is under the leaves in the middle.
9. Fly to Eye of Azhara (Eye of Azshara) and go to 79.52, 89.31 and swim down to the sunken ship.
10. Go back to Drak'thul, and find the last orb on the table.
Generally speaking, every time an orb is clicked, there will be a cooldown. If you find one of them cannot be clicked, you need to wait a few minutes or do it in other servers. Besides, people in the one server would get the same reward on the same day.

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