The cable joint of the grounding wire must be reliably grounded

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The cable joint of the grounding wire must be reliably grounded
There are two grounding methods for connecting the cable connector to the conversion part. One is to directly select any one of the three small ground holes attached to the conversion component as the ground hole, but the hole has low mechanical strength and is very easy to pull, so you must be careful and meticulous during construction.

The end of the grounding wire (about 2 cm) and the grounding wire are folded at a 90° angle, close to the conversion head, and then use insulating tape (preferably the semiconductor insulation tape provided by the manufacturer) to wrap the grounding wire end and the conversion head flatly together That's it.Apply Vaseline. Apply petroleum jelly to both ends of the connected grounding wire. This is the key to ensure that the grounding wire will not rust in a long-term operation in a humid box.

Therefore, it must be painted evenly to expose the conductor part of the grounding wire that may be exposed in the air. Cover all. In the future, every other year or more, Hose Connector manufacturer depending on the loss of petroleum jelly on the joint, just add it. This is the installation method of the grounding wire of the cable joint during the initial construction. If the grounding wire of the old cable joint is replaced, the temporary grounding wire must be used before the replacement of the grounding wire.

The cable joint of the grounding wire must be reliably grounded and other safety measures have been taken. Remove the old ground wire and install a new ground wire. When installing a new ground wire, you must connect the ground terminal first, and then connect the cable connector end. Attention should be paid during the process: the replacement of the grounding wire is a live work, so the relevant regulations for live work must be followed during the construction process to avoid unnecessary accidents.
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