Surface of the positional accuracy requires a higher surface to be completed under a pad

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Surface of the positional accuracy requires a higher surface to be completed under a pad
The actuator is part of the automated number-controlled lathe operation and the auxiliary operation, and its operational sequence and motion law are determined according to process principles and requirements.With the emergence of the automation equipment of the upper and lower machinery Increase productivity.

Component, the details are as follows:The transmission system is to pass motion and power to various actuators to complete the process operation of the CNC machine robot, and also complete the motion CNC Machining Automotive Parts manufacturer to the auxiliary mechanism. Detection system Its function is to detect the location, stroke, speed, pressure, flow, etc. of the automated number-controlled airline robot and feed back to the control system.

In bulk production, the following two methods are commonly used. Surface of the positional accuracy requires a higher surface to be completed under a pad, so as not to affect the installation error generated by the multiplexers affect the positional accuracy. 2, according to thickness, finishing. Press the partition of the surface. Arrange the coarse car on a CNC lathe in the precision, high power, and arrange the essence car on a high precision CNC lathe. For parts having a large blank margin and high processing accuracy, the crude car and the fine car should be separated, divided into two or more processes.

Depending on the structure of the part, it is usually selected to select the outer park, an end surface or inner holes, and try to ensure the unity of design reference, process reference, and programmed origin.and everyone come together to explore the division of CNC CNC lathe processing steps.On CNC lathe processing parts, generally according to the principles of the process, most of the or even all surface processes are completed under one loading.

CNC lathe processing steps mainly consider the structure and technical requirements of the manufacturing program, the equipment used and the parts itself. When using a large amount of production, if a multi-axis, a multi-knife is used, it can be organized according to the principle of the process; if the process is machined on the automatic wire consisting of a combined machine tool, the process is generally divided according to the principle of dispersion.
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