How To Clean The Rice Sowing Machine

Posted January 10, 2022 by luhongxiang

Cold washing of stevia rice sowing machine. Use kerosene, gasoline, and diesel as cleaning agents, and put these parts in the oil basin with a strainer.
Cleaning method of stevia transplanter

  Cold washing of stevia rice sowing machine ( ). Use kerosene, gasoline, and diesel as cleaning agents, and put these parts in the oil basin with a strainer. Use a wire brush to clean up the oil stains, and the oil stains sink to the bottom of the basin through the strainer. After cleaning, the parts can be dried in the air. However, it should be noted that if the oil on the friction plate is cleaned, a small amount of gasoline should be used for cleaning.

   Engine oil cleaners cannot be used for oil stains on rubber parts and leather parts that are not resistant to oil. In order to save oil and achieve good cleaning performance, clean the cleaner, smoother, and smaller parts first, and then clean the parts with larger surfaces and heavier oil stains. Oil can also be divided into several oil tanks, including primary cleaning, secondary cleaning and fine cleaning. The cleaned oil can be used for initial washing and after precipitation to achieve the purpose of saving oil in the transplanter.

  The heat cleaning of the stevia transplanter. Wash with alkali and emulsifier solution after heating. Since engine oil and gear oil are insoluble in alkaline solutions, they can form emulsions. Therefore, add emulsifiers to alkaline solutions (sodium silicate, soap, etc.). The role of emulsifiers is to penetrate into the oil layer, weaken the bonding force between the oil and the metal, destroy and separate the oil film. Heat the solution to 70~80°C and partially immerse it in the solution. After cleaning the parts, wash them with 60-80℃ water and dry them. The commonly used solution formula for removing oil stains on iron and steel parts is: caustic soda 0.75%, sodium carbonate 5%, trisodium phosphate 1%, soap 0.15%, and the rest is water. For aluminum parts, caustic soda solution cannot be used, but sodium carbonate solution should be used.

   Clean the rice transplanter with a metal cleaner. In recent years, metal cleaning agents have been widely used. It can replace diesel, kerosene and gasoline to clean the parts, and the use cost is low. It can clean metal without rust spots. Metal cleaning agents are divided into acidic, alkaline, neutral, solvent-based, etc.

"For example, acid metal cleaners are usually used for degreasing stainless steel surface treatment machinery. Good degreasing ability at room temperature. Alkali metal cleaning agents require high-temperature cleaning, and the cleaning ability at room temperature is poor. In the process of using metal cleaning agent, pay attention to the type and nature of the dirt in each part of the stevia vegetable planter machine (, master the concentration and temperature of the cleaning agent, and clean it according to the instructions.
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