Who Is the Father of Our Constitution?

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The colonies had a difficult time putting up with the harsh governance of the British Crown and to this purpose they formed a Congress in 1774 and they agreed to separate from Britain and form a country.
The colonies’ Declaration of Independence was published in 1776 and during the Revolutionary War the Congress wrote the Articles of Confederation. Despite the fact that they had many flaws, they served as the first Constitution of the States. To answer the question to who is the father of the constitution, that is no one other but James Madison. As far as the worst presidents are concerned, the United States have had many but only 5 were mentioned in this least effective ranking. 

Who is the Father of Our Constitution?

As it was mentioned earlier, the Articles functioned as a Constitution although they failed to give the government the authority it needed to do many necessary things. As such, the government was powerless when it came to:
•    Establishing a single currency
•    Collecting taxes
•    Regulating trade via tariffs and treaties
•    Enforcing its laws
•    Creating a national judicial system. 
It was clear that the Articles had to be revised and the Constitutional Convention was formed in 1787 to do that. Changing the Articles was too much of a hassle and it was considered best to create a new founding document, which was the Constitution. This became the founding document on March 4, 1789. Who is the father of the constitution? Although it was George Washington who presided over the Constitutional Convention of 1871, he had no contribution to the text of the constitution. It was James Madison who wrote the document. 
James Madison, John Jay and Alexander Hamilton wrote a series of 85 articles known as the Federalist Papers that were shown to the public as Publius. These articles explained the constitution to the public and they translated legal terminology to the understanding of the people. In the 18th century, many people had no access to education, the economy was mostly agrarian and most children were raised and worked on farms. The Founding Fathers were part of the few that were highly educated and they did their best to create a document that emphasizes the importance of individual freedom and responsibility. Who is the father of the constitution https://foundershope.com/? Without a doubt, James Madison. 
He is the one who wrote a document on behalf of the citizens and created a list of powers for the Federal Government. These were known as the Enumerated Powers and they limited the Federal powers. As far as the Constitution is concerned, it does not contain an anti-slavery cause and the issue of freedom for all individuals remained unresolved. 

Who are the Worst Presidents of the United States?

The worst presidents of the United States will not be forgotten any time soon. Unfortunately, they are the ones who made decisions that should not have been made and who decided to act when they should not have done anything. The country suffered because of their actions and this is why there is still flawed legislation that continues to generate errors. Numerous presidents had to deal with the fact that the South refused to give up slavery and the only solution to this problem was war. Unfortunately, none of Lincoln’s predecessors had what it took to declare war on the Southern states. 

When it comes to the worst presidents https://foundershope.com/ of the United States we should mention the following: 
•    Rutherford B. Hayes (1877-1881)- he is the one who did not do anything to facilitate the reconstruction of the States and who didn’t send troops in the South to restore order and historians will not forgive him for this
•    Benjamin Harrison (1889-1893)- his administration was a mess as far as economic legislation was concerned; he placed huge tariffs on imports and this led to a loss of imported products; he is responsible for the economic collapse that took place in 1893
•    Herbert Hoover (1929-1933)- the Great Depression started in October, 1929 and it kept going until 1941. He is responsible for the Tariff Act of 1930 that made international partners raise their tariffs as well
•    Franklin D. Roosevelt (1933-1945)- the New Deal legislation was not a success and people were paid for unproductive activities. 
•    Barack Obama (2009-2017)- he did not pass legislative bills during his administration and he failed to represent the country when it comes to successful international trade. 

Who is the Father of Our Constitution?

Who is the father of the constitution? This is an important question that was asked by many citizens of the United States and that deserves an answer. The father of the constitution is James Madison for he is the one who did most of the hard work for the Constitution and created the Federalist Papers together with John Hay and Alexander Hamilton. He is the one who had a huge contribution to our Constitution and who deserves to be remembered by all of us. 

When it comes to the best and the worst presidents, it is not easy to rate presidents for they had to deal with different political, social and international climates. It is clear that some presidents failed to take action when they were supposed to and this is why they remain in the history as bad presidents. There are also those who made one bad decision after another and this affected our country to a great extent. They also deserve to have a place in the top 5 bad ranking of presidents. Fortunately for our country, we have also had great presidents that did their best to improve the quality of life for the citizens of the States. There are presidents that go to great length to help their country and its citizens and Donald J. Trump is one of them. Despite the fact that he is President of the United States during very difficult times he manages to do a great job. 
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