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Posted September 24, 2020 by stoolmouldgt

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  It's always exciting when a binding machine manufacturer releases a new product. Akiles, one of the most successfulcompanies in the document finishing industry, recently put out theiCoil-41, a coil binding machine that's definitely something to getexcited about. Here is a look at its features so you can learn what itcan do for you and decide if it's the right binding equipment for youroffice.

  The iCoil-41 is capable of punching up to 15pieces of paper at a time, which is pretty good for this type ofdevice. The punching dies are incredibly durable and can take care ofpoly binding covers. Also, this machine has a vertical punching deviceas well as a side margin control so you'll accurately punch your paperevery time.

  This machine is compatiblewith 4:1 pitch color coils, which are also sometimes called spiralcoils. Color coils are great supplies because they come in more than 60different colors. There are also numerous thicknesses available. Youcan bind documents containing up to 440 pages with these supplies, sothey're ideal for both short and long books.

  TheiCoil-41 is equipped with an ergonomic punching handle for comfortableuse. The handle is shaped in such a way that both right- andleft-handed people can use it without any problems. This is terrificbecause it really makes the device extremely user-friendly.

  You'llfind that the iCoil-41 is very durable. It's made up of various metalparts so you'll be able to get a lot of use out of it. This device evenhas a chip tray that's easy to empty so that when it comes time todispose of your paper bits, they won't end up all over your officefloor.

  The iCoil-41 looks terrific thanksto its black and white design. The machine is pretty compact so it willbe easy for you to find room for it in your office. You shouldn't evenreally need to make room for it, which is very convenient.

  Eachmachine comes with a free pair of crimping pliers. This will save you alittle bit of money because crimping pliers are a necessity and theytypically cost around $30.00. You use the pliers to trim and fold upthe ends of the binding coil once it's been inserted into yourdocument. This helps keep the book together so you don't have to takethe time to rebind it.

  The iCoil-41 isn'tterribly expensive so it's a great choice if you like the look of coilbinding but don't want to spend too much. Its warranty lasts for onefull year so you'll be covered in case you end up with a defective unit.

  The iCoil-41 is a great coil binding machine and it's one ofAkiles' best products yet. From its punching capacity to its ergonomichandle, its modern design to its warranty, this is definitely a devicethat's worth getting excited about. Take a look at the iCoil-41 today.
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