TCM Adaptogen Warehouse Co., Limited Continues To Offer Rare Herbal Extracts

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People can purchase natural herbal powders, such as pine pollen powder, Tongkat ali extract and reishi spore powder from TCM Adaptogen Warehouse Co., Limited, which have many health benefits and useful for the mankind.
China, August 16, 2018 – Today, humans have understood the benefits of choosing natural herbal products for an improved health and wellness. China based TCM Adaptogen Warehouse Co., Limited is the leading supplier of herbal extracts that can help treat many diseases and can improve the immunity and energy levels of people who consume these herbal extracts. The company uses modern equipments to extract the herbal ingredients from different parts of a plant. Moreover, they also grow many herbs in the natural habitat in different parts of China.

Out of different types of products, the company supplies the pine pollen powder, which is a natural testosterone booster. It can also boost a certain amount of asteroids naturally, such as estrogen and androgen. One can consume this herbal powder to eliminate the complication of hormonal imbalance and avoid problems like insomnia, fatigue, depression etc. The company adopts an advanced manufacturing process to crack the pine pollen fruit to extract its powder. The raw pine pollen is plucked from the pine trees and the fruit is cracked using pneumatic process. Using the airflow separation technique, the impurities are removed and pure powder of the pine pollen is obtained, which is suitable for the human consumption.

The company also offers Tongkat ali extract, which is a very effective testosterone booster for men and women. The level of testosterone starts declining with the growing age. The low testosterone level may result in many health complications, such as osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases, prostate cancer, dementia and others. In order to maintain a youthful level of testosterone, one can now consume the Tongkat ali on a regular basis. By improving the testosterone level, one can achieve greater health benefits, including stronger bones, increase in muscle mass, reduction in body fat, increase in metabolism, improved brain function and others. TCM Adaptogen procures Tongkat ali from its native place and supplies the best quality powder for the human use.

TCM Adaptogen Warehouse Co., Limited has also introduced the reishi spore powder, which is often being considered as one of the most useful herbs used in the traditional Chinese medicine. According to the Chinese pharmaceutical studies, this herbal powder is useful in improving the energy levels, reducing stress and prolonging the human life. TCM Adaptogen Warehouse Co., Limited extracts the fruit body from the spores of this mushroom. They now produce the spore powder at the commercial level and can supply it to customers in different parts of the world. This shell-broken spore powder is available in red-brownish fine powder, which can lower the blood sugar level naturally and can have other health benefits too.
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About TCM Adaptogen Warehouse Co., Limited
TCM Adaptogen specializes in providing TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) herbal extract powders with the highest levels of customer satisfaction at the most reasonable prices. The company’s most featured products include pine pollen powder/tablet/extract/capsules, medical mushroom extracts (reishi, chaga, cordyceps, shiitake, maitake…), herbs to raise testosterone (horny goat weed, ginseng root, tongkat ali, sting nettle and our adaptogenic herbs (rhodiola rosea, gynostemma pentaphyllum, schisandra chinensis, astragalus root, he shou wu) etc.

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