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Posted June 28, 2016 by jfab67

Water is essential for many purposes, but there are times when we need to get rid of it for better performance of our machinery.
Water is essential for many purposes, but there are times when we need to get rid of it for better performance of our machinery. The main enemy of machine lubricants and fuels is water, which can noticeably reduce machinery performance. This is why, many companies provide oil filtration systems to filter water out of oil, and vacuum dehydration system is one of them.
Water can be real problem for machinery. It is because of the nature of water common at the molecular levels. It is easily evaporated and can exist in the air in the form of moisture. This moisture can get emulsified into the existing lubricant of a machine. This lubricant, basically oil, can contain water in three distinctive states. The first one is in completely dissolved state. In such state, oil atoms comfortably get adjusted with water, which is very hard to separate.
The second one, as mentioned before, is the emulsified form. Here the water remaining in oil keeps its distinctive nature intact. In such a state, water shows its characteristics by nature. The third form, namely free water, indicates complete separation from oil. This one is easy to filter. Amidst all of these three states, the dissolve state is the hardest to filter and requires tough procedures. Often water gets mixed with other components in the oil because of its super mixing nature. Apart from water, there are other components that can get mixed up in the oil, such as gas, varnish, acid and other particulars.
However, since water is worst in nature as a lubricant, it harms machinery severely. So, various oil filtration systems are used to keep it out of oil. Oil filtration system manufacturers aim to provide the best filtration possible to ensure the best machinery performance and longevity. There are variety of oil filtration systems out there in the market. However, vacuum dehydration system is a very effective oil filtering method because of its unique properties.
Vacuum dehydration system manufacturers focus on both filtering water and oil. This effective method is getting popular day by day because of its high-end results. The aim of the system is to keep the level of water at the minimum level. This system can be applied for sophisticated machines for the purpose of water removal, particular removal, air and gas removal, varnish removal, acid removal, etc. So, a single system can do the job of multiple ones. Only top-level engineers and architects have designed this system. For this reason, this filtering system is highly efficient.
One should focus on several points before going for any particular vacuum dehydration system. One of them is to find out whether the dehydration system has multiple functionalities. This means that the system will be able to remove other agents apart from water from oil. The build quality and size should also be considered. For many industries, size of the filter matters, considering the individual dimension of the machines. All filtering methods should be cost effective and the filtered substance should not be affected by the filtering process.

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