What does a typical high velocity flushing contractor do?

Posted June 28, 2016 by jfab67

If you own an industrial establishment, it is important to hire a high velocity flushing contractor to carry out the necessary flushing within all your pipework.
Any industrial establishment requires to undergo the right amount of maintenance in order to operate in an efficient and flawless fashion. Especially those industries that involve a number of pipelines require special attention, as a choked pipeline may cause a lot of trouble. So in case you are willing to get a cleanup of your pipelines, hiring a high velocity flushing contractor would be the right call. These contractors make sure that all the debris and dirt are removed from the whole pipework system. This is done in order to reduce the chances of any system blockages down to a minimum level in order to provide a flawless passage to the chemical or water that passes through those pipes. All of these are carried out using filtering skids that are designed to tackle different types of oils, fuels and other chemical substances. The achieved level of cleanliness solely depends upon the adequacy of the installation and the design of the system. Therefore, it is highly recommended to provide space for adequate amounts of draining, venting, air and different types of equipment bypasses.
A high velocity flushing contractor may make use of several techniques to carry out the required work. Water velocity is one of these techniques. In this process, water having a high velocity travels through the pipework system and carries along all the debris as well as the dirt out of the system. This technique is good to clear larger particles but minor particles having a diameter lesser than 5 mm are hard to clear out this way.
Dynamic flushing is another technique devised to carry out the same task. It is a bit more advanced in comparison to water velocity. In order to ensure safe operation, every sensitive item within the plant is isolated and bypassed during the whole procedure of flushing. Filtering skids are used during the process to obtain better results. Extreme care is taken in order to make sure that the pumps do not operate against closed heads for longer amounts of time. Therefore, this situation is avoided whenever it is possible to do so.
A few other techniques are also used for the same purpose. They are carried out to flush out different phases of the pipework system. Different techniques are used to flush out the primary ring mains circuit, secondary mains pipework, horizontal mains to each floor, and others. The overall pipework is divided into different phases and each one of them is worked on separately. When every phase is done, a final full-circuit flushing is also carried out in order to finalize the whole procedure.
If you want to ensure a safe and efficient operation of your industrial establishment, it is strongly recommended to get all your pipework flushed at least once a year. This would not only allow the flow of oil and other compounds in a safe and efficient way but may also add up a good deal to your productivity. Greater production means increased profits, so it’s a win-win situation.

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