Some things you may want to know about oil filtration services employed in machinery.

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Oil filtration services in engines are designed to remove any type of engine oil contaminants affecting the smooth functioning of the engine.
Oil filtration services in engines are designed to remove any type of engine oil contaminants affecting the smooth functioning of the engine. The oil filters used here is recyclable. But before recycling or discarding the oil filter, you should drain oil from the filters. Draining oil tanks ensure that there is no leakage of oil into the surrounding environment.
Oil filtration, as mentioned earlier, refers to the removal of particulate matter that tends to be mixed in various engine oils, resulting in a decrease of efficiency. Various types of oil that can be filtered using this technology are hydraulic oils, transmission oils, lubricating oils and the basic engine oil. Oil filtration services find their usage in almost all types of machinery; i.e., from the smaller internal combustion engines of cars to the more sophisticated engines of aircrafts. Automatic transmission and power steering are made possible with this technology, thus making driving more comfortable for us.
Oil filtration systems used earlier in automobiles had an oil pan where the oil used to be first collected. From the pan, the oil used to flow to the engine via two separate and parallel tubes/paths. One path had an oil filter equipment of suitable materials at the end, while the other one used to flow right into the engine parts. Thus, the engine oil used to get completely filtered taking a lot of time. However, modern oil filtration systems use valves to carry out the process. These oil filters are generally positioned at the bottom of the engine due to various technical reasons.
Oil filtration has gained much popularity in this industry due to the significant reduction in maintenance costs. These filtration systems have components that are made of different materials to suit the environment in which they are installed. The mechanical ones use an ordinary filter for carrying out the filtration purpose. The magnetic type employs a permanent or electromagnet to extract the metallic particles from engine oil. The sedimentary system works with the aid of gravitational force. The centrifugal type is also used that works with a centrifugal action and the subsequent forces.
Draining oil tanks is necessary while recycling or discarding the oil filters. This needs to be done systematically, following few strict steps. Firstly, remove the filter while the engine is still warm. This is known as “hot drain” (the removal of oil filter while the engine has a temperature of about 60 degrees Fahrenheit). If required, take the aid of necessary tools to carry out the process.
Next, puncture the dome of the filter tank using an appropriate tool. Then turn the filter upside down so as to drain all the oil trapped inside it. Collect the oil in a container or pan. There are other methods for draining oil tanks that do not require puncturing of the filters. But they take about 12 hours or more than this method. The used filter is then recycled as scrap metal. Thus, the draining should be done regularly in order to avoid any decrease in the engine’s performance that may occur due to the damages in the filter.

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