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Posted March 22, 2018 by lovesky123

ast Thursday we launched two Tournament worlds which allow you to access the weapons and armours proposed in the Theatre of Blood Dev Blog.
As all we known,Last Thursday we launched two Tournament worlds which allow you to access the weapons and armours proposed in the Theatre of Blood Dev Blog.Today we will share future details about the test and you can also buy cheap [url=]Runescape 2007 Gold[/url] from us.

Infernal Defender

OSRS saw many of you weren't happy about the name of the Infernal defender, so we've changed it to the Avernic defender. We've added a new story to go along with it too. In addition to this, we want to increase the stats slightly so that it's accuracy and defensive stats are 3 higher than originally proposed.

Sanguinesti Staff

Much of what it saw regarding the Sanguinesti staff was that it's cost was too high for the amount it healed. We're opting to reduce the cost to 3 Blood runes per cast, and increase the chance of the healing effect occurring to a 1/6 chance. We're also changing it so that it will have an additional max hit over the Trident of the swamp.

Ghrazi Rapier

The Ghrazi rapier is a non-degradable alternative to the Abyssal tentacle, offering a slight increase in overall dps. It is the best Strength training weapon in most circumstances, as well as being superior to other stab weapons, due to the fact it is one-handed. However, we'd like to make some minor changes to make it just that little bit more powerful by increasing the Stab bonus to +94 and the Melee Strength to +89.

Justiciar Armour

OSRS  happy with the general feedback we've seen regarding the Justiciar armour and its effectiveness in PvM situations, so we're not looking to make any changes to its base stats. OSRS however looking to reduce its effectiveness in PvP situations, by removing the damage reduction effect when fighting against another player.

Vampyrium Vambraces

OSRS received overwhelming feedback that many of you did not like how the Vampyrium vambraces required a pair of Ranger gloves to complete. In light of this, OSRS has removed them as a requirement, meaning they will now be a standalone drop. No changes will be made to the stats they provide.

Scythe of Vitur

The Scythe of vitur was pitched as being a very slow, hard hitting 2-handed weapon. Unfortunately, it is let down mostly by its low accuracy and speed. We believe that by reducing the attack rate to 5 and increasing the Slash Attack bonus to +110 will make the scythe a much more viable weapon than it currently is. We'll also be changing the current aggressive attack option from Stab to Slash.

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