Why Do You Need to Find a Software That Allows Payment Integrations Like Elavon CRM?

Posted October 20, 2020 by MarkWatson

You should know that each company is different. And a single ISO CRM will not be able to provide all the tools and features that will cover the needs of all of them.
What Are Payment Integrations Like TSYS CRM?

You should know that each company is different. And a single ISO CRM will not be able to provide all the tools and features that will cover the needs of all of them. So, a reliable CRM must allow the integrations of other software on its own to be able to cover the needs of all its potential clients. One of these types of integrations is payment solutions software. And two of the best ones are TSYS CRM and Elavon CRM. They will help your company introduce multiple payment solutions for your clients. The most common types of solutions that you will find from these types of software are:

• Payment processing methods. The first type of features that you should expect from this type of software is payment processing methods. The most popular method on the market is credit card processing. Most people use this method to make their shopping online. So, you need to make sure that your merchants can provide this type of solution to their clients. Also, a single solution is not enough. The best alternative is to provide several of them. For example, another alternative is ACH. Although it is not as popular as a credit card. But it provides several advantages that can be very helpful.
• Cybersecurity. Another feature that you need to provide to your merchant is cybersecurity. The payment processing industry deals with confidential information. So, you need to ensure that all that information is secured and no hack can steal it. The higher the level of security that software like Elavon CRM and TSYS CRM provides, the better. Also, this feature can be used as a marketing tactic. Increasing the trust that the clients of your merchants have in them.
• Fraud protection. This feature is the last essential one that you must provide. Unfortunately, many companies deal with fraud attempts. So, you need to provide methods that will ensure that these attempts can’t succeed. These are several methods that will accomplish this task. One of them is the cardholder authentication method. Through this type of method, you ensure that only the cardholder can make purchases. Another method is through fast means of dealing with chargebacks.

What Benefits Can You Expect from TSYS CRM and Similar Integrations?

Now that you know what feature can you expect from integrations like https://www.iriscrm.com/integrations TSYS CRM , you may wonder what the benefits that you will get from them are. You can expect to get a lot of benefits. But 3 of them are very big, and they are almost essential in your industry.

• Data protection. The first benefit that you can expect is data protection. Not only will your clients have an increased level of security, but your company will be secured as well. So, not only will you help your merchants with this type of integrations, but you would help yourself as well. You do not want to deal with the consequences that will appear if your systems are hacked.
• Customer satisfaction. Another benefit that you can expect from integrations like Elavon CRM is an increased level of customer satisfaction. And this applies both for your merchants as well as their clients. Providing tools and features of high-quality will ensure that your collaboration with your clients will be a long one. So, the lifespan of the relationships between your company and your clients will be much longer.
• Increased growth rate. And lastly, you can expect an increase in the growth rate of your company. The number of merchants that will seek the software provided by your company will increase. And this also means that the revenue and profits made by it will increase. So, you will have more resources that can be used to grow your company much faster than in the past. And all of these benefits from only looking for a reliable CRM that provides payment solution integrations.

What Other Tools and Features besides integrations like Elavon CRM Should a Software Provide?

Besides payment solution integrations like https://www.iriscrm.com/integrations Elavon CRM and TSYS CRM, there several other integrations that are available on the market. And you need to ensure that the software that you are going to use is not only able to integrate them, but it also provides other essential tools and features. There are 5 categories of features and tools that a complete CRM must contain.

• Sales tools. These tools will help your team to make more sales. The features provided can help your employees in different ways. For example, they can automate some of the tasks in the sales process. And this will increase the efficiency of your team. Or, they can help you gather more data about your potential customers and increase the conversion rate of your clients.
• Payment operations. His category of features and tools is responsible for the management of all the operations of your merchants. Here you will find all the data about your clients, and this will help you understand which clients are better than the others. And you can also use this information to foresee and loses that your clients may suffer. Doing this will increase the trust that your clients have in you. It must also be able to integrate with Elavon CRM and similar software.
• Customer support. You must be able to solve the problems of your clients at any moment. So, you need some tools like help desk tickets that will help you manage and streamline the solving of these problems.
• Residual calculations. The more your company grows, the more important the residual income becomes. Also, the complexity to calculate and gather information about it will become more complex. So, you will need some tools that will simplify the process for you.
• Communication tools. And lastly, you will need communication tools. This will not only help you communicate with your clients and the potential ones, but it will also help your merchants do the same with their clients. Also, these tools can be used for marketing and sales purposes as well.
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