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These traps are set in specific locations near boulders. Similar to the method previously mentioned, include some bird snares because you'll be able also to catch Crimson Swifts flitting around everywhere.

This is similar like the previous one, however you could increase your rates if you own 32 Fletching. A chisel is needed to Fletch Kebbit spikes into Kebbit bolts. This can not only increase your exp rate since it's much faster than dropping spikes, but it also could bring in decent cash. It is also possible to bring with your butterfly net, the butterfly jars, and even some bird snares.

To begin, you'll be required to withdraw at the least 1 000 gold coin. You can deposit any weapon, gloves and other items that can be put in your hands slot , since you will need to have hands free. Go to Matthias outside the Falconer's area and purchase a Gyr Falcon for 500 gold.

In this region there is also the possibility of collecting spotty fur that can be used to create caps with spotted spots. Bring along your bonecrusher also, because it will automatically dig up bones and reduce the time spent removing items.

Though to take on this kind of Salamander, you require only 59 hunter it is advised to begin the process from 60. On this level you will be able place four traps at the same time, rapidly increasing the number of traps you can set.

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