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So you want to increase your productivity at work but do not know how to go about it. Maybe you just want to get more done around the house.
So you want to increase your productivity at work but do not know how to go about it. Maybe you just want to get more done around the house. Either way, the late afternoon is a hard time to generate the strength, enthusiasm or creativity to do much good. Why not turn to music? In particular, Baroque music, or classical music in beats of more than sixty but less than eighty. This stimulates the occipital lobe of your brain allowing you to focus, and even be more energetic and creative.

The King of the Sceptics

Being the sceptic and lover of classic rock that I am, I decided to put this to the test. It certainly sounded like something a content writer would make up to get your attention. Then I got to thinking... when I hear rock I want to party like it is 1999. Sing me a soft and sweet lullaby and I go out like a light (providing you stroke my temple and kiss me on the cheek from time to time.) Slower, easy listening relaxes me.

Baroque is What?

I actually did not know what Baroque music was until I looked it up. When I realized I would be listening to what I considered chamber music, I was disappointed but still, I pushed onward. My discovery was nothing short of amazing. By playing this style of music with my Focusrite everyday starting at noon and ending around five, I actually achieve more than I ever have before. I would have thought it a simple case of psychological nonsense except the children, too young for school and usually running rampant at that time of day, suddenly started taking naps, drawing and doing other creative activities that they normally ignored.

How Does It Work?

Now I had to know how this wonderful discovery worked. I wanted to know not because I am more relaxed and creative but being disabled and in chronic pain, I also took less medication during those hours. This was a complete reversal for me. Here is what I have discovered.

No More and No Less

Baroque music in 60 to 80 beats is a mood stabilizer. It forces you to focus and concentrate more than a shot of B12. When the brain stabilizes and stops jumping from one concern to the other... the body follows suit. It has to because it is controlled by the mind. Those negative hormones cease to pump into your stressed circulatory system. Even your breathing becomes more efficient. Simply put... you become clear, and more important, calm. That makes for a level head (a good time to pay bills).

A Lobe is a Lobe... Wrong

Baroque music affects the occipital lobe and forces your body into a slow but very steady rhythm. It reduces stress by slowing and strengthening the brain waves at the same time. A slow and steady thought process is an energetic and creative one. If you want to experience these same results, take the challenge. Download some Bach and see what happens in your stress filled or unmotivated life. You may be just as surprised as I was. I have had a great experience of Bach with my Focusrite pro; so I suggest you: combine it with the most affluent of stream player.
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