The Birth of Rock was the Longest Labour in History

Posted July 20, 2013 by nickolkidmanj

Music... where would we be without it? Historically speaking, music is the only medium that records history, keeps an accurate account of it, provides a timeline for it and entertains us while doing so.
Music... where would we be without it? Historically speaking, music is the only medium that records history, keeps an accurate account of it, provides a timeline for it and entertains us while doing so. You can say anything you want to in a song and not worry about too many repercussions unless you live in a repressed state. This is particularly true of Rock and Roll. It is as old as the oceans and as young as a newborn baby.

Rock Debates and Mary's Lamb

One could make the argument that Rock and Roll has always existed. Of course, you would have to go right through the middle of the debate as to whether Rock started in England or the U.S. to get there. While that debate can get pretty heated... I am sure that Elvis and John Lennon are having a good laugh about it now. Regardless... if Rock & Roll started anywhere, it was the day that Thomas Edison sang "Mary Had A Little Lamb" and then heard himself on his newly invented phonograph late in 1877.

Rock and Rolling on the River

Some people believe it sprang from the loins of Jazz. Others believe it was black gospel and the blues that spawned Rock. Either way, it puts the birth of Rock on a riverboat in Louisiana where both were popular in the early 1900's. Was the spirit of Rock and Roll hovering over the shoulders of the Chicago Automatic Machine and Tool Company workers that invented the jukebox in 1915?

It Ain't Popcorn (But it does POP)

Adolph Rickenbacker knows nothing about popcorn but... he may have been visited by the unborn spirit of Rock and Roll when, in 1931, he invented the Frying Pan. (Later to be known as an electric guitar) In 1938, Count Basie brought us one step closer when he mixed Swing with Rhythm and Blues on the song... "One O'clock Jump". Saxophonist Wild Bill Moore did his part as well in 1948 with... "We're Gonna Rock-We're Gonna Roll."

The Birth of Rock on a Riff?

In 1950, the spirit of Rock and Roll almost broke through to this world when The Fat Man, a Fats Domino song hit the charts with the first real, fully developed Rock sound. In 1951, The Dominos led numerous young black groups into the mix with "The Glory of Love" while Les Paul cranks out something on "How High the Moon" that very few have ever heard before... a genuine Rock Riff.

Rock Slips

Many people believe that Rock and Roll was born on that Rock Riff, but something isn't right. The baby is not breathing. A startling 5% of all record sales are attributed to Rhythm and
Blues despite the emergence of Rock. Will the child die before it ever gets the chance to stretch its vocal chords? Artists like the Crows, (Gee) The Penguins, (Earth Angel) The Chords, (Sh-Boom) and the Charms (Heart of Stone) try to breathe life back into Rock's dying infancy to no avail.

Mamma's Gonna Love This

Then it happens. No one really notices at first. That is the way it has always been with Rock and Roll. On July 5th, 1953, an unassuming young man walks into Sun Studios and records his first commercial record. He is doing it to please his mother. Within a few weeks... "That's Alright Now Momma" has young people dancing on the streets. Rock and Roll is alive and well. Bill Haley and the Comets prove it by snagging Rock's first ever number one spot with "Rock Around the Clock."

Censor This You Old Hound Dog

Puritanical politics guarantees Rock's survival by trying to censor it with committees like Boston's Record Censorship Board that tries to prevent Rock on the radio. After many battles that include white album covers and havoc on the 1st amendment, Elvis makes it a moot point when he appears on the soon to be extremely popular Darcy Brothers Stage Show and sings Blue Suede Shoes, which battles Heartbreak Hotel, also by Elvis, for the number one spot on Billboard's list. They hold the one and two spots to keep them warm for an incredible string of seven more number ones, starting with "Hound Dog." Rock and Roll is now here to stay.

Pleasure with Rock
Earlier people used to visit live plays and theatres to snoop the lively ambience of Rock. Nowadays, with advanced technology we have all the make and feel of it at our comfort. Profound audio monitors like Adam AX, Epiphone acoustic, etc lets you drench yourself in the vibe and tang of Rock n Roll music at home or wherever.
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