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So many emails have poured in asking for a sub-penny alert that I have been scouring the OTC markets all week for a beast in the sub-penny range and I have found one that is perfect. I’m excited to present it to all you fiends.
Let’s get right to it. My hot new alert is NANI.

I am issuing an immediate alert for NANI (Neologic Animation, Inc.) which closed yesterday at 0.009.

Why did NANI grab my attention?

NANI has witnessed rising trading volume compared to its average volume, trading 620,900 shares yesterday when its average is more like 40,000. Growing volume is a sign of increasing interest in the stock.

This growing volume has been accompanied with a rise in share price. NANI closed at 0.009 yesterday, up 12.5%. This indicates not only growing investor interest but POSITIVE investor interest.

NANI has less than 163M shares outstanding and its float is even lower than that. Sub-penny stocks normally have BILLIONS of shares outstanding, so NANI’s outstanding shares are remarkably small. Any attention to this stock should send it moving like a cheetah on steroids.

NANI is targeting a high growth market with tremendous potential and significant demand. Let’s check it out:

NANI is an educational software company that is developing a website called “Naniya World” for primary school students in China. The website’s goal is to help children develop and hone their creative skills through interactive educational games that incorporate a curriculum developed by some of China’s top professors and child psychology experts.

It sets itself apart from other after school programs in China because it deviates from the traditional methods of Chinese education. NANI’s mission is to inspire every child in China to become a great student by showing them that learning is fun.

The growth of the Chinese market, especially the explosive growth of their middle class has created enormous demand for the afterschool education market.

It is estimated that China’s middle-class consists of more than 300M people – about the size of the entire population of the United States!

The chinese educational system is one of the most competitive in the world. Children face difficult entrance exams as early as primary school to determine if they meet the academic standards of the top middle schools. These entrance tests continue for their entire academic lives.

Because chinese families have fewer children due to the government’s one child per family rule, families pour enormous resources into each child to ensure their success.

This has caused a boom in the afterschool education market.

With a marketing and promotion strategy in place, NANI plans to target more than 100 million primary and 65 million secondary school students, as well as more than 600,000 other customers and 200,000 on-line users.

NANI brought on board self-made success Mr. Tianqiao Chen, who is recognized as one of the pioneers of the Chinese online and interactive gaming industry, and is currently listed on the Forbes “The World’s Billionaires.”

With the addition of this new team member, NANI is positioning itself to benefit from the growing Chinese Online Virtual Community Gaming Industry, which generated $5 billion in 2012.

NANI’s other partner, Popcorn Net Technology, is not only one of China’s Top 50 innovative companies, but also one of the top 100 Web 2.0 websites, which has also received numerous awards and honors and continues to have one of the largest audiences in China.

NANI believes a huge opportunity exists for a player in this market that has a differentiated, fresh, scientifically tested and validated teaching method to both take market share from the legacy players as well as capture a large segment of the growing urban middle class market.

With the growth of China comes the growth of interest in learning its language across the globe as well.

NANI announced this week it will be expanding their Chinese language learning games globally. Read all about it here:

Learn more about NANI by visiting the company’s website:

NANI has a 52-week high of 0.19.

A repeat run to that price-level would bring gains of more than +2,000%.

But you guys know I don’t like to talk or think like that.

A much more reasonable move, say to 0.02, which is about one single penny and which is well within NANI’s normal trading channel gives us gains of 100% and everyone should be happy, no?

Momentum has already started and the company has begun to issue more news — the timing for my alert could not better.

When you combine the information above, I believe that this alert is near-perfect in all respects. Trading is heating up as we speak – and I believe a remarkable trading opportunity is at hand. I want you to have the chance to participate and capitalize on the action!

Get NANI on the top of your watch list and get ready for what should be a fantastic trading session.

Reach out to me quickly with any questions.

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