Amplifying Time and Success Through Building Successful Rhythms

Posted June 21, 2013 by RickSapio

Amplifying Time and Success Through Building Successful Rhythms
Have you ever wondered how extremely successful people get so much done? Regardless of their personality type (creative or precise), the nature of their work, their position within the business, age, or their experience, they seem to have one thing in common. They say, “No” to almost everything, and say, “Yes” to only the truly important things.

Lifelong entrepreneur, Rick Sapio, founded Business Finishing School (BFS) to define a coordinated series of business success strategies in convenient video modules. One of the important concepts of BFS is “using rhythms to amplify time and success.” It builds upon the foundation of earlier modules in the program, “Values-Based Decision Making” and “Management-by-Objectives.”

A rhythm is a strong pattern, repeated regularly. Every business and every individual has some rhythms, but they may not be effective and beneficial. The key is to step back, recognize patterns that exist, and determine which ones to abandon and which to utilize more. The rule of three Rs makes it easy to remember – Rituals build Rhythms which avoid Reactionary behavior. “It has been said that successful businesses are comprised of good habits and unsuccessful businesses are comprised of bad or non-existent habits,” says Rick Sapio.

A business is built upon rhythmic habits and consistent calendars. The steps to achieving an effective calendaring system are simple, but they require the full commitment of leadership:
• See yourself as a company – a business – first. It doesn’t matter if you are a sole proprietor or the newest manager in a very large company. It’s critical to find that mindset and hold onto it.
• Schedule a management meeting centered around a physical calendar. Bring a list of key events, and start laying out your dream datebook – the ideal dates for your important events for the entire year. Then, modify them as necessary, based on outside factors, to lock in the dates. No question marks, no maybes, no get-back-to-this-one-laters.
• Now, starting with the first one, work backward from the firm dates. What other activities have to take place before the event – planning sessions, reservations, preparation, invitations? Mark each specific date on the calendar and make sure assignments are clear. You’ll discover a profound sense of clarity that has a tremendous energizing effect on the team.
• Synchronize! Select one electronic calendar system, such as Outlook, and require all team members to utilize it for perfect harmony. Be sure to add and share personal time commitments, as well (detail is not required – just availability).

This calendar becomes the heartbeat of your organization. The full payback comes when you incorporate that heartbeat into everything you do. You no longer have to be there every minute, making sure everything gets done and done right. You no longer have to run the company – the calendar allows your staff members to do their jobs effectively.

An aspect of calendaring that cannot be emphasized too much is commitment. When you pledge to the events scheduled on the calendar, you create rituals. As those involved and others who are peripheral get accustomed to your rituals, you avoid the need for constant re-coordination. Others know their roles and respect your time.

Says Rick Sapio, “At first blush, some feel this level of control may stifle people, however we find that the opposite is true. This method actually allows more freedom for spontaneity, by removing obstacles that slow down progress of necessary work and cause re-scheduling. You clearly know when you have obligations and when you have free time.”

This is just one example of the corporate and life lessons taught in the comprehensive Business Finishing School curriculum. Not a conventional investment or financial advice course, BFS teaches a new approach to letting your brain finish what your entrepreneurial heart started.
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