Important Reasons to not have Dummy Cameras

Posted January 29, 2022 by pramaindia01

Do you think installing dummy cameras can provide you security? The truth is dummy cameras are in no way an alternative to CCTV camera installation.
People often think that dummy cameras can protect them from thefts, burglaries and other crimes. But the dummy cameras can’t keep you or your family protected. A CCTV camera can never be substituted by mere dummy cameras. Dummy cameras might look exactly like surveillance cameras, but they don’t offer the functionalities of security cameras.
People install them with the hope that troublemakers can be kept at bay, but dummy cameras can’t frighten the wrongdoers. Some of the major reasons not to install dummy cameras are as follows:
Easily Identifiable
Dummy cameras are designed in such a way that they resemble home security camera systems. But a knowledgeable criminal will not find it too difficult to distinguish between a dummy camera and a real one. Dummy cameras will have blinking lights, a single wire, and an arbitrarily moving camera lens. You might think that these features make a dummy camera look more realistic. But these are the features that can give away the counterfeit of the security cameras.
Not Inexpensive
People try to settle for dummy cameras because they think the dummy cameras are inexpensive. But you can get quite real security cameras within the price you are paying for the fake ones. Check out Prama security cameras which are the most affordable ones of the highest quality.
Can’t Record Anything
A dummy camera won’t be able to record anything. Suppose a theft takes place at your house while you are away. If you had a real security camera installed, it would have captured the visuals of the thief. It would have become useful for the police to catch the thief. But a dummy camera won’t be able to provide any evidence that could help the police in finding the intruders who stole your belongings.
False Sense of Security
A dummy camera won’t be able to free you from the worry of the security of your home while you are away on a vacation or a work trip. If the news of the dummy cameras gets out, your empty house will attract petty thieves and burglars. Some neighbours might leak the information about the dummy cameras. They might also take advantage of your dummy cameras to commit crimes and fulfil their personal agenda.
Invest In Real Surveillance Cameras Right Now
The best quality CCTV cameras from Prama are the ultimate solution to all your security threats. The cameras with the most advanced technology will offer you enhanced protection from different criminal activities. If you don’t trust our words, check out what our past customers have to say.
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