An Update on Global Mobility

Posted January 29, 2022 by relocationcoordinates

A market leader expands on what is currently taking place in the industry
An Update on Global Mobility
A market leader expands on what is currently taking place in the industry
Covid-19 has disrupted the world but this is not only a bad thing as many positives also bloomed from the pandemic and the ripple effect it had across the globe. One of these benefits is the fact that it allowed employers worldwide to re-imagine global mobility. As a leader amongst global relocation companies, the team at Relocation Coordinates International provided some insights into the leading trends that are currently having an impact on global mobility.
“Global mobility allows people to move to their ideal positions and jobs to move to the best-suited candidates. It is a way to employ talent across the globe. Yet, the global pandemic did put a strain on the industry. However, there are still key trends that we’ve been witnessing over the past year and that is bound to have an impact in reshaping global mobility. These trends would include the fact that far more people are now opting to work remotely and more companies are open to employing talent that remains remote. This trend is reducing the need for global mobility. Research indicates that as many as 39% of companies who took part in a survey indicated that they are open to introducing digital collaboration platforms,” says Sue Harrington, the president of Relocation Coordinates International.
She then also states that while this might indicate a rather less rosy future for the industry taking care of global relocations, there is another trend that is also sure to have an impact and that counterbalances the effect that remote work has on her field. In a survey in which more than 1,300 CEOs across the globe took part, the results indicated quite a different image. The survey made it evident that as many as 77% of these companies already have or are of the intention to become more inclusive in the workplace. They indicate a drive towards enjoying greater diversity which will be a major injection to improve the state of global mobility. The only concern at this stage is that while the intention is there, putting it into practice is happening at a far slower pace than initially planned.
“What we also notice is that companies are far more concerned with worker wellbeing than only a few years ago. Today, companies want their employees to enjoy several benefits when they relocate and they want them to have a good experience. This is of course good news for any leading enterprise in the field,” she concluded on a positive note about the future.
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