How To Improve English Grammar And Punctuation Skills

Posted January 29, 2022 by susanwray

Discover the tips that can help you improve your English grammar and Punctuation Skills and let you feel more confident in the future.
The English language is a universally spoken and accepted language. It is understood around the globe and is the primary language you use in writing. Yet, there are specific rules and ways in which the English language must be spoken and written. These rules make up the English Grammar, including punctuation skills. For native speakers, speaking English is not difficult, but it becomes troublesome when it comes to writing. Moreover, English Grammar is an essential part of writing, and one should pay close attention to its components. It includes punctuation, parts of speech, verbs, nouns etc.

You need to improve your English grammar and punctuation skills to succeed in academic and professional life. You must know essential tips on how to improve your English Grammar and punctuation skills. Improving English Grammar is neither impossible nor as uncomplicated. You need to focus on the main elements, and you will learn the rest on your own. So, there is no need to stress out when struggling with learning English Grammar. Following the below-mentioned tips will help improve your English Grammar and punctuation skills.

Tips to Improve English Grammar and Punctuation Skills

Avid Reading

The primary step to improve English Grammar is to start reading. You need to start hoarding books and read each of them if you want to master your grammar and punctuation skills. Read anything you can, from newspapers and signboards to advertisements and stories. You can even watch the news and read the headlines. The goal is just to read no matter what to enhance your vocabulary. Reading will not only make you learn new words, but it will also help you in writing structure. You will know about where and how different writers use punctuation.
It will be especially beneficial to read aloud since the blend of seeing, speaking, and listening helps to reinforce what you have learnt. Reading will assist you with all parts of your composition, from phrase fluidity to improved vocabulary. You should also know that good writer are avid readers and vice versa.

Use Improve English Grammar books
It is beneficial to keep a comprehensive guidebook that you may use when writing. In this manner, if a grammatical question occurs, you will know what to look for. There are several high-quality grammar and writing reference books available in the market. You seek advice from a bookseller, coursework writing service, or a writing teacher. One of them is ‘Wren and Martin’s High School English Grammar’ book. It includes basic things about improving English Grammar that you may find helpful.

Keep an eye out for apostrophes
Please do not overlook this crucial punctuation, as you use it to make contractions as well as possession. Possession includes relating an object with a subject, such as Martin’s book. You may modify the meaning of the term by omitting the apostrophe. For example, there is a difference in the meaning of ‘it’s’ an ‘it's’, ‘their’ and ‘they’re’. Thus, it is necessary to be vigilant about it.

After opening or prepositional sentences, always use a comma.

It may appear to be illogical, but it is relatively straightforward. A predicate with a preposition is a word arrangement in which the central part is a preposition. The prepositional phrase typically starts with a preposition and finishes with a subject, noun, or noun phrase. For example, ‘after looking for the key, Susan found the lock’.

Recall as many homophones and prefixes suffixes as you can.

Terms like ‘sea’ and ‘see’, ‘two’ and ‘too’, ‘their’ and ‘there’ are homophones. A pair of words have the same sound but different meanings and spelling. It is critical to understand how to build new utterances and which suffixes to employ. The suffix –‘ity’ can be added to innovate, but the word innovate is still used. Similarly, using the suffix –‘ible’ with invisible will add meaning to the word; otherwise, it would not mean anything.


There are several essential tools available in digital and print form to help improve English Grammar. A decent Internet search will turn up many sites that provide grammatical games and activities. Make some time every day to perform writing activities if you have trouble with English Grammar. Perhaps taking a few English practice exams at any level will help you improve your English Grammar.

Use the correct article
You should know when and where to use articles such as a, an and the. Note that you use a or a when you talk about something in general. While you use the when you talk about something specific. For example:
‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
‘The kid went out to buy ice cream.

Using Semicolon in the right way

Understand that a semicolon substitutes a complete stop and denotes the separation of two separate sentences. It is essential to use a semicolon to divide sentences or distinct phrases into a detailed statement. You will find most semicolons in English novels.

Use comma, exclamation mark and question mark aptly
You should know that comma separates terms in a list. Also, it would help if you separated words like who, this and that with commas. But only do it if the phrase includes unimportant data that you may eliminate from the phrase without affecting the statement's primary meaning. Similarly, using an exclamation mark at the root of the sentence shows excitement, anger, and happiness. While placing question marks shows you are inquisitive.

‘You can still win if you try hard'.
‘Lara, who had been studying all night, decided to go out for a party’.
‘Would you like to have some tea? Sure, why not!’

Proofread and rectify mistakes

To improve English Grammar and learn from mistakes, you need to proofread your work and read aloud. When you proofread your work, your brain signals fill in the blanks. Proofreading is not only to identify your mistakes, but it gives you a vision. When you read your work to others, you welcome constructive criticism and know your areas of improvement. So, it is good to let others read your work and give honest feedback on it. This way, you will learn from your mistakes. To improve English Grammar, you need to focus on the basic principles of Grammar.

Thus, it can be concluded that one will find these tips on how to improve English Grammar and punctuation skills quite helpful. You can start working on these points to improve your English Grammar.

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