How to maintain your golf cart's batteries

Posted April 18, 2022 by pyressler895

Neglecting to maintain your golf cart's battery can lead to serious, or even fatal, problems.
Neglecting to maintain your golf cart's battery can lead to serious, or even fatal, problems. All kinds of problems can result from a lack of knowledge regarding basic golf cart battery maintenance. Many users believe that the batteries that power their golf carts don't need to be maintained.

The key to long-lasting performance and longevity is a solid golf cart maintenance program .

A wrench, distilled water, a voltmeter (an instrument that measures the voltage between two points of an electric circuit), a hydrometer; a post cleaner; some petroleum jelly; and most importantly, goggles and gloves.

Protective clothing, acid-proof gloves, and goggles should always be worn when handling lead acid batteries. Remove all jewelry. You should always have plenty of water and baking soda close by to neutralize any acid spillage from battery refilling. This will prevent further corrosion.

The electrolyte is a solution made up of water and acid. Avoid skin contact with it. Never smoke near them and don't add acid to any batteries. Six lead-acid batteries are usually used to power golf carts. Look out for cracks in the container or the top of your battery. All connections and posts should be free from dirt, fluids, and corrosion.

Any damaged batteries should be replaced. Make sure all vent caps are tightened. Next, clean the top of the battery with a brush or a cloth and a solution made from baking soda and water. This will ensure that no foreign matter or cleaning solutions get into the battery. Rinse the battery with clean water, and then dry it with a clean towel. Avoid using solvents or spray cleaners. Clean the cable clamps and battery terminals with a clamp cleaner and a post-and-clamp cleaner. Connect the clamps to terminals, and then thinly coat the clamps with petroleum jelly. Keep the battery area dry and clean.

Only add water after the golf cart has been fully charged. Before charging, water should be sufficient to cover the plates. The water level should not be below the plates if the battery has been partially or fully discharged. Important points to remember: Don't allow plates to contact air. Do not fill water to the top of the cap. Water with high mineral content should not be used. To know more additional information visit

Only use distilled or deionized water. Each battery should be checked weekly for water levels to make sure that the batteries' leaded plates are not submerged in liquid. Do not fill the cells to the top. Just enough water should be added to cover the plates.

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Finally, be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding maintaining your golf cart's battery.
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