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Posted February 12, 2022 by retinasurgeon

Mr Mahi Muqit PhD FRCOphth is a Consultant Ophthalmologist, Cataract and Vitreoretinal Surgeon at the world famous Moorfields Eye Hospital in London.
The eye is a highly complex structure that is extremely sensitive to even the smallest kind of injury. As the condition that our eyes are in is so vital to the quality of life we enjoy, eye care is something that should be important to all. Losing your ability to see clearly can impact your emotional state, your ability to work and your financial status. It will also rob you of your independence if your eyes don’t function properly.
As our eyes are so delicate and sensitive, it can be easy to sustain injuries and even the smallest injury can have a severe impact. One such small injury would be a macular hole. Leading London eye doctor, Dr Mahi Muqit at Retina Surgeon UK shared why macular holes form and what macular hole surgery entails.
“For the eye to function properly, light and the amount of light that enters the eyeball play a vital role. When a patient has a macular hole, it means that a small hole is formed in the surface of the eye in the centre of the retina. As the retina is the core part of the eye structure needed for clear vision, a macular hole in this region causes blurred vision or images that are bent or out of shape. This is because the hole influences the amount of light that enters the eye,” says Ray Man, PA to the leading practice.
He then also explains that this is a concern that is far more common amongst the older members of society while trauma to the eye can also have the same effect on the eye. While this hole might heal by itself, it is seldom the case and if you leave it untreated, likely, it will only grow bigger over time.
The treatment that you can expect from this leading eye specialist is that the team will inject a fluid into the eyeball that will allow the gel inside your eye to soften and loosen from the macula. This will allow the macula to close. When patients have the concern for less than a year, full recovery takes place in 90% of all patients they treat. The longer you have the hole though, the slimmer the chance of a complete recovery becomes.
However, even if your eye doesn’t heal completely and your vision is not restored 100%, the surgery will still improve your vision and prevent the concern from becoming worse.
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