The Main Causes of Cataracts

Posted February 12, 2022 by retinasurgeon

A leading London specialist shed some light on this medical concern
There was a time when there was no treatment option for cataracts. Patients who suffered from this concern simply gradually lost their vision to the point where they are completely blind. Due to the immense steps that medical care has taken over recent decades, the diagnosis of cataracts is now far less of a concern.
“Cataracts can take years to form on the eye. It is essentially a layer that grows on the surface of the eye that causes vision to become cloudy or blurry. As this layer grows thicker, it reaches a point where it completely distorts the vision and as this layer blocks light from entering the eye, the eye becomes blind. While patients might initially find some aid in the form of glasses to help them to correct their vision, there comes a point where glasses don’t help anymore. Then patients have to come for surgery or they’ll become completely blind,” says Ray Man, a PA at the reputable Retina Surgeon UK, a leading provider of cataract surgery in London.
As the medical field of eye care is so advanced today, eye doctors can now treat cataracts with a simple procedure during which they will apply a local anaesthetic to the eye. Once the eye is numb, they can surgically remove the layer of the cataract to restore the flow of light into the eye and to clear up the patient’s vision.
It is the kind of procedure during which the patient can be completely awake so there is no need for hospitalization. As many patients find it extremely difficult to keep their eyes still during the procedure and some even say that they experience anxiety during the procedure, the eye specialist will give you a mild sedative or even anti-anxiety medicine to ensure your comfort during the procedure.
The surgeon relies on an eye clip to keep the eye open so that they have a clear area to work in and to effectively remove the entire cataract without causing any harm to the eye. By making a small incision into the cornea, the eye specialist can reach the cataract to remove it. This is a rather quick procedure and at Retina Surgeon UK, the entire procedure seldom takes longer than 10 minutes to complete.
“Once the surgery is over, patients might experience some level of blurred vision for a day or two but as the eye heal quite quickly, vision will be restored soon,” Man concludes.
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