Cosmetic skin care is exactly what the name says

Posted September 26, 2020 by sellmakeupnice

Women are becoming more aware of what is in their cosmetics
Cosmetic skin care is exactly what the name says. It is makeup or cosmetics that care for your skin. Just because a product doesn't hurt or damage your skin doesn't necessarily mean that it is good for you.

Women are becoming more aware of what is in their cosmetics and realizing that even thought these products are deemed 'safe? by the FDA, they may not be helping your skin. You may have realized that no matter what you do or try, you've always got problem skin or problems wearing certain types of makeup, like foundation. But you've got to wear foundation to cover the blemishes or discolorations. It's a vicious cycle that will continue until something changes dramatically.

If you're one of these women who is looking for cosmetics that will help and care for your skin in addition to giving you the look you want, you've come to the right place. We'll help you discover what might be in your cosmetics that are irritating your skin and what types of products you might want to consider switching to.

What Products Aren't Helping?

That's a really great question. There are so many man-made ingredients out there that it would be too far long of an article to mention them all. However, we will mention the most common and general types of ingredients for you to look over.

Preservatives: Many cosmetics have preservatives of one kind or another in them. Whether it's a stearate, alcohol or a man-made ingredient, it's there to help promote shelf-life and stability. It helps makeup survive in a variety of different conditions. There is a huge amount of preservatives out there, and it's likely there's more than one in your makeup.

Fillers: I bet you can guess what this is, right? It's the cheap stuff that makes the makeup batch go further, so the manufacturer gets more individual items out of a batch. It can be anything from talc to rice powder to waxes and parabens. Different powders, like talc, can be skin irritants and cause twist pen lip gloss breakouts and rashes. Waxes cause makeup to wear off quickly because they melt with skin temperature. Waxes are known to clog pores and they can cause acne flare-ups.

Colors: FD&C dyes are commonly used in cosmetics. They give otherwise colorless or similarly colored cosmetics hugely different colors. It gives manufacturers a lot more ability to play with colors and to introduce hundreds and hundreds of colors. Why are FD&C dyes bad? Even though they are approved by the FDA, they still come from a questionable source. They are derived from coal tar. Does that sound like something that would irritate your skin? It certainly is possible, and there are plenty of women who can't use cosmetics with these colorants. If you think one of these ingredients might be irritating your skin, maybe it's time to think of switching to cosmetic skin care. You can find many natural cosmetics that are better than the stuff you'll find in the drugstore, and for about the same price too.

Cosmetic Skin Care

For cosmetic skin care, you can't do better than mineral makeup. And if you find a mineral makeup that is free of most of (or all of) the ingredients above, then you'll see what cosmetic skin care is all about. If you're serious about finding the best product for your skin, these guidelines will help you find mineral makeup that are made from all- natural ingredients, don't contain any questionable ingredients and they are more affordable.

Mineral makeup is made to naturally soothe skin and is non-acnegenic and non-comedogenic. Plus, they'll let your natural beauty shine through.
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