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The loss of a job can be devastating for employees. That is the reason why every business must make sure they follow a good dismissal
The loss of a job can be devastating for employees. That is the reason why every business must make sure they follow a good dismissal process to provide their employees with all the support they need in situations like these. If the employer does not provide an appropriate process or there is not a valid reason for termination, the employee has the right to challenge his dismissal as harsh and hire unfair dismissal representative to receive compensation. This compensation can either be a financial award or the reinstatement of their previous job under the same conditions.
An unfair dismissal is a case in which the employee challenges his or her dismissal as unjust, unreasonable or even harsh. This means that the dismissal was not justified or that the procedures followed were not adequate. Only employees that have a minimum of six months of work experience with the company can apply for these rights. In the case of small businesses, the minimum amount of service is of twelve months. Moreover, the claim must be lodged within 21 days after the dismissal to the Fair Work Commission, which is the institution that handles such cases.
The laws in Australia allow citizens to be protected in the case of a harsh dismissal. However, very few people know how to defend themselves in such cases. That is the reason why unfair dismissal advocates can help you obtain compensation from the company that refused to treat you with respect during your dismissal. It is important to know which criteria are relevant and which are not because the Fair Work Commission will look after some specific conditions to see if your situation is eligible. The unfair dismissal representatives and advocates from Just Relations in Melbourne will make sure that your case is seen and understood so that you can receive the compensation you deserve. But what exactly can be obtained from a case of a harsh dismissal?
After an unfair dismissal, if the employee manages to prove that he is right, he can receive a series of benefits. One of the potential gains of winning such case is he can receive a compensatory award. This financial compensation is calculated based on the amount of loss that resulted from the unfair dismissal. However, the employee also has chances to regain his previous work place under the same terms and conditions. In such cases, if the employer does not comply with the decision of the Fair Work Commission, the employee can receive additional compensations.

Have you been through an unfair dismissal recently and you want to find out if you can be eligible for such a case? The unfair dismissal advocates from Just Relations in Melbourne will help you obtain your fair compensation and move on with the respect you deserve!
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