Stoned Genie’s Cheap Glass Bongs are Much Healthier than Plastic Bongs

Posted July 8, 2022 by stonedgenie

Safe, plastic-free smoking is the top priority of leading cannabis brands like Stoned Genie. The brand’s high-quality yet cheap glass bongs promote healthy smoking.
Smoke proudly but smartly. That’s what we preach at Stoned Genie. As the number one online headshop in the West, our duty is more than justproviding high-quality smoking paraphernalia. We want our smokers to smoke only from premium-quality glass bongs. That’s why we offer cheap glass bongs at prices that no other brand can match. Why are we so serious about making glass smoking paraphernalia more affordable? Well, people (mostly young smokers) who think glass bongs are expensive choose cheaper plastic bongs as substitutes.

Although plastic bongs function normally in the first few weeks, after a while they start burning. Small, micro-pieces of plastic burns to react withthe cannabis or tobacco in the bong holder. Inhaling the fumes from this super-hot plastic is very bad for health. The effects will be even worse if your plastic bongs contain chemical additives. Your lungs aren’t designed to cope with such high levels of toxicity. We don’t want Stoned Genie’s customers to be exposed to carcinogens and other dangerous chemicals.

That’s why we team upwith scientists to create 100% safe glass bongs that don’t contain any harmful materials. The Stoned Genie way of safe smoking is simple. Buy your yearly or six-monthly supply of bongs (under $20 bucks), bubblers, and glass pipes. Avail the fast & free shipping option that we provide on all orders over $75. You’ll receive all products in top condition (we’ll give take of broken items - if any) at a huge discount.

Safe, Smart, and Affordable Smoking

Feeling intimidated about the idea of using large glass bongs? Don’t worry. Buy a small bongmade of hard, premium-grade glass first. Start by stuffing these small glass bongs with small amounts of cannabis. Once you’re used to the variation/frequency of hits, graduate to bigger devices.

• Our glass bongs are “filtration-friendly” and very easy to wash, clean, maintain, and reuse.
• We also sell bubblers, glass pipes, dab rigs, grinders, silicone bongs, and other smoking accessories.
• Ourglass bongs will outlive any plastic bong by several years.

Buy cheap yet premium-quality glass bongs with advanced water filtration systems. Contact Stoned Genie now!

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