Stoned Genie’s Cheap Glass Pipesare Officially the Most Popular Smoking Products of 2022

Posted July 8, 2022 by stonedgenie

Stoned Genie promotes smoker safety. Unlike other cannabis brands, it doesn’t sell low-quality, harmful cannabis products or accessories. That’s why their cheap glass pipes are uber-popular.
Stoned Genie is the number one headshop in the world. People think of safety, quality, and affordability when they think of our brand name. While our basic duty is to provide first-rate shipping and customer service to our customers, we always strive for more. As a brand, we care about customer safety a lot. Many smokers unknowingly use plastic bongs that contain various harmful chemicals and additives.

These bongs aren’t safe, reusable, good for the environment, or good for the user’s health. But, they’re cheap. That’s why many young smokers flock to these low-cost, low-quality products. Stoned Genie aims to change this trend by giving smokers access to cheap glass pipes. Unlike regular pipes or bongs, these items are made of customized glass. Our designers add advanced filtration and smoke dispersal mechanisms to these pipes.

These complex structures insight the pipes make them easier to use. People get the purest smoke when they smoke from these pipes. The smoke that hits their throat is filtrated, cool, and very pleasant. That’s the safest smoking tool smokers can find. We also sell glass bubblers, glass pipes, dab rigs, accessories, and grinders. We also have some super-safe and super-affordable siliconebongs in our catalog. Overall, we’re the one-stop cannabis shop that every friend group of smokers needs!

Premium-Quality Glass Bongs and Pipes at Unbeatable Prices

Your stash kit deserves to be safe, high-quality, and long-lasting. That’s why we want our customers to build their cannabis accessory assortments with premium-quality glass products. No more crumpled-up papers, grimy dab nails, or plastic pipes in your stash box. Replace these old, unsafe products with safe and long-lasting glass pipes and bongs.

• Every glass bong, bubbler, or pipe in our catalog is easy to clean. Users can wash, clean, dry, and reuse these glass products hundreds of times.

• Our assortment of luxurious and affordable cannabis accessories is loved all across the Western World. Our bong and pipe designers pay and superb attention to detail to create “artisan products” with unique, refined styles.

• We offer super-fast shipping on all orders. For orders over $75 bucks, we offer free shipping!
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