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Posted July 15, 2013 by Thewebsiteofthelord

This, because they fail to realize they are soon to be confronted face to face with Jesus as He returns for His bride.
Is this the century of darkness? Hopefully not! People have, apparently, lost their way; they lie to each other; hate each other; hurt each other; are jealous of each other; and, sometimes, kill each other. People are no longer able to show their love, respect, and loyalty because their hearts are being taken over by hatred, disrespect and disloyalty. All this is happening because people are ignoring the presence of God, so becoming increasingly insensitive to acts of immorality. They don’t have time to hear God, nor to read His word within The Bible anymore: blaming it not on their indifference to His being, but rather on the busyness of their lifestyles. Yet still they find the time to party, but not the time to pray.

This, because they fail to realize they are soon to be confronted face to face with Jesus as He returns for His bride. The people, in their errors of belief, are guilty of a grave mistake as the day soon arises when they will be confronted by He who knows eternity - He who holds the keys both to the second death of the human spirit and the presence of the human soul within the gates of hell. For all those people, who have lost or never had their faith in The Lord Jesus, are invited to visit His site thewebsiteofthelord.org.nz and there to read His words of wisdom. The Website of The Lord has been created for those who seem to have lost their way yet still hold to the hope of an even better way.

This site has many lines of inspiration, which emphasize to the people how lives of righteousness and wonder can be, when filled with the wisdom of The Living God. This site fosters following in the way of Jesus, of becoming His disciple, of placing His way before the people: the footfalls with the teachings reaching forward as the end-time goal for all humanity. The Website of The Lord is an online dispenser of the Messages – the morsels and the scrolls - as declared by The Lord Jesus for this end time awaiting His coming presence. For these messages bring us fresh insights into the will of God as they impart to us that which God deems to be of much value in benefitting man in this preparatory time wherein he lives – that which is to see the bride both readied in purity and awaiting the clouds of conquest.

The site holds both intense and grace-filled insights under the tutelage of The Lord. It holds His verse commentaries on three prophetic Biblical books – Daniel, Revelation, and Ezekiel. The site has a very simple, yet meaningful, outline: the messages of The Lord Jesus are mostly presented as some 480 scrolls in 17 different clay pots of relevant categories. There are 176 morsels in the book 'God Speaks of His Return'. These are in 7 similar categories under the 7 white revolving star tips from which online users can easily view the messages with all items enabled for downloading free of charge as pdf files. In talking about humanity, this site really has the interests of humanity in mind. For it is supported by a non-profit institution engaged in the well-being of widows, orphans, and the poverty-stricken. The Advent Charitable Trust is based in Hamilton, New Zealand. People who are interested in helping those in need are invited to examine this site as being worthy of support. You are welcome at thewebsiteofthelord.org.nz to learn, in moments of your choosing, of The Lord’s words of encouragement, counsel, rebuke, and wisdom for this day and age.
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