It's ridiculous to claim that they haven't done

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While technically Wind Steed is an Horseman's Steed Reskin however, the designers have put enough effort into it to make it appear and feel different. The Legion Paladin Charger, on contrary, is more like Horseman's Steed. However it is distinct enough to qualify as an reskin.

You mean fel armaments or arcane books? I quit shadowlands and bfa in the first month. However, I don't recall being able to buy rep exalted in either tbc or classic.

It's a long distance, but the run from say... Shatt to Auchindoun is likely to be lower than Kargath to Blackrock Mountain. It's not so bad, I think. It would be enough to remove or redesign the areas where there is no flying. Teleporter should be up/down only.

Fly to Ruuan Weald After that, go down the ramp to Gruul in Blade's Edge. Netherstorm is a possibility to take a flight to Cosmowrench. I don't knowwhat I think, but I think that the flight paths would be important in the event of no flying mounts.

If Blizzard launched WoW today it would not be WoW. It's probably an Overwatch MMO or something completely innovative. The developers haven't really done anything with Warcraft for quite a while (except hearthstone that could also be a new game).

If we look at Overwatch to what might have been with Project Titan and WoW and what would have happened had WoW was released in 2021. I am convinced that WoW2021 would be constricted to some half-assed BGs, some Arenas and loot boxes.

It's ridiculous to claim that they haven't done anything with the IP when you throw out their very well-known MMO with that IP they have been maintaining and updating for fifteen years. Except maybe Warcraft 4 or something like this, what else would they be up to?

A updated version of WoW is a great idea featuring an upgraded engine. Imagine height becoming a thing in combat , or projectiles which actually smash or be blocked by things that weren't the initial intended targets.

This argument is utterly absurd and absurd. Modern expansions include a more mounts than TBC, and I think there's more variety in the design and in the acquisition. TBC was essentially dungeons' drops as well as Grindy dailies in order to build some fame, and then the nether drakes which were an incredible design.

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