There are so many differences in the game

Posted November 22, 2021 by weiyismart

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In essence, all "special attacks" are removed (which is the reason why a number of items crashed. For instance, dclaws were reduced from 13m and 500k respectively. The long rune now has the same stats as the rune sword. The only difference is the atk (slash/stab) style. Two-handed weps are 150% more efficient than 1h. 1handed weps have an "offhand" version that allows you to "dual-wield" two weps simultaneously. Dual weilding can be described as p2p. f2p includes one or two dual weild weps.

Armour is tied and all armour of lvl50 have identical stats. There are 3 classes to armour: range, mage melee and melee. Tier 50 armour: rune batwing and blue Dhide. All of them share the same stats. There is only one difference between in the classes. Thus, a man who ranges a man in rune has the same DPS of a meleeing guy mage. Alot of stuff got nerfed/buffed. Deadly red spiders gave more than 200k xp/h at 90+cmb stats.

Now its changed. Pking isn't just 'click atk-food-repeat until you die' any more. Pking is a skill that requires timing, and accuracy. It also requires reflexes, anticipation, strategy, and timing. A man in bronze with a good ability to read time and precision can beat a person who isn't sure of what he is doing.. Armour of all kinds gives a bonus HP.

This was my first time logging in for more than three years. I'm amazed by how much the game's changed. While I did leave the game in 08/09 and switched to CSS I can still recall how much fun I had playing this game with my buddies (tabt and taker, sleepy, goggie and so on). It's incredible to see the evolution of people and the game as time passes. .

There are so many differences in the game, players and the overall experience. The chat room for clan members in the current time was among the most surprising things to me. It's not nearly as large as it once was. What happened? It's awe-inspiring that a change of this magnitude can occur, but If I was here all along I would not have noticed it as much. I think this can be explained by the single post that I posted on my account. It's a completely different location and atmosphere from what you remember.

Apart of my lengthy introduction, I was wondering to know the way things function in today's game. What other major changes have been implemented to the game other than EoC. Are there any other lands/areas/cities they've added?

I really want it to happen again. It's the only type of game that I've enjoyed and been fully involved in. I really hope that I can however, at least I want to know what's going on hahahaha.

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