which has a wide range of applications

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The advantage of PA66 material is its excellent stability, but the disadvantage is that the water absorption is too strong
1. Overview: The emergence of wiring terminals in the world began with Phoenix Contact, and then major manufacturers gradually improved their connection products through innovation; invented spring-type terminals, which are easier to connect and quickly won the trust of the market; Under the current development of the terminal industry, strip-free terminal products may become the future development trend of the industry. PCB terminal block is an innovative product in recent years, which has a wide range of applications and is easy to use.

2. Basic features: This accessory product is mainly used in electrical connection, and its common advantages are: 1. Safety;

2. Convenient and fast connection; 3. Beautiful. 3. Terminal composition: Usually composed of plastic, hardware and screws. The plastic material of the terminal is generally PA66, PBT, etc. The advantage of PA66 material is its excellent stability, but the disadvantage is that the water absorption is too strong, which easily leads to the change of product size; the hardware is generally made of copper, aluminum and iron. The common application of copper is 95% red copper, 75% phosphor bronze and brass (brass can be divided into alloy copper, specification copper, brass); the materials of screws are iron, steel and stainless steel. (The common disadvantage of iron screws is that when the current is too large, it is easy to heat up and cause safety accidents)

4. Terminal manufacturers: At present, there are two common types in the market: large-scale manufacturers and small-scale manufacturers. Only 20% of them are regular enterprises. They quickly occupy most of the market with complete certification, excellent products and perfect service system. , Other manufacturers are due to the consideration of cost and profit, do not pay attention to product quality, add recycled materials to change product performance, and use impure materials and have a malignant odor.

5. Terminal structure: The biggest feature of PCB terminals is that they have solder pins. In a sense, only terminals with solder pins can become PCB terminals.
The classification will be introduced below: 1. Functional classification: single-layer, double-layer, and three-layer; 2. Angle classification: right angle, curved angle, oblique angle (45°, 135°); 3. Functional application: plug-in, straight Welding type, fence type, spring type; 4. Screw angle: lift type, wire protection type, screw type, spring type (cage type and stack type)

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