Surgical Mask Manufacturers Introduce The Knowledge Of Refrigerator Refrigeration

Posted February 9, 2022 by jingeaoningbo

Surgical Mask Manufacturers introduce the working principle of refrigeration cycle:
Surgical Mask Manufacturers introduce the working principle of refrigeration cycle:

1. Compression process: The vapor that has completed refrigeration is compressed into superheated vapor with greater heat. The gas will liquefy when the pressure reaches a certain value at the critical temperature. When the temperature reaches above the boiling point of the gas at a certain pressure, gasification occurs, which absorbs heat from the environment to achieve refrigeration.

2. Refrigerant: The gaseous substance used for refrigeration is traditionally mostly Freon. Due to its pollution to the atmosphere, it is now mostly replaced by non-polluting refrigerants.

3. Condensation process: The superheated steam exchanges heat with the condensed water or air in the condenser to become saturated steam and then saturated liquid. When the condensate is cooled, the temperature of the saturated liquid continues to decrease and subcooling occurs.

4. Closure process: The liquid from the condenser is throttled through the expansion valve and becomes wet steam with low temperature and low pressure.

5. Evaporation process: The low-pressure wet steam absorbs heat and cools in the evaporator, and the gas from the evaporator becomes dry saturated steam or slightly hot superheated steam.

6. Refrigeration principle of medical refrigerator: The refrigeration system generally adopts secondary refrigeration. When the panel temperature is higher than the set temperature, the high-grade refrigeration starts, and the condenser temperature of the secondary refrigeration system drops. The evaporator of the secondary refrigeration system is on the inner wall of the refrigerator, which can reduce the internal temperature, the heat is absorbed by the evaporator of the superior refrigeration system, and the heat of the superior condenser is dissipated into the air.

Through the above introduction, Hospital Refrigerator Suppliers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.
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