Chef Murph’s, Free 250 Thanksgiving Recipe Cookbook

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Chef Murph’s, Free 250 Thanksgiving Recipe Cookbook
Chef Murph’s, Free 250 Thanksgiving Recipe Cookbook
By Chef Murph K.T.
First, let’s talk Turkey!
A mature male is a tom, a female is a hen, an immature male is a Jake, and an immature female is a Jenny. Some people believe hens are slightly tender than toms, but because most turkeys are slaughtered when young, usually 4 to 5 months old, there is no noticeable difference according to taste. Wild turkeys can fly short distances to escape hunters. They can run fast, too. Domestic grown turkeys are too heavy to fly. The myth turkeys are so stupid that they will look up in a rainstorm and drown is just a myth. They can, however, be drowned in gravy. The flap of skin on top of the beak is a snood; the flap under the beak is the wattle. The gizzard can contain stones to help the turkey with digestion. Turkeys are native to North America. They were exported to Europe in the 16th century.
I put together 250 basic recipes to get you started, from brining to sides. Basics temp your Turkey to 169F, Reheat to 180F. Wipe all surfaces with white vinegar or bleach. Stop, blaming the Tryptophan! The reason you fall asleep after dinner is not because of tryptophan in the turkey. Turkey doesn't have much more of this essential amino acid than other meats. According to research, the ratio of tryptophan to food in turkey is about the same as in pork chop, chicken, salmon, beef, or lamb chops. You fall asleep because you are exhausted from cooking, cleaning, in-laws, chasing kids, stuffing your face. Turkeys are nervous, but like being stroked and cuddled. Just like us. So eat up, Enjoy
Chef Murph.
Our Celebrity AKA K.T. Murphy found on Hulu, Roku, CableTV: FoodyTV, FoodistTV of Washington TWP, New Jersey. TV Chef/Host of: Children Can Cook; Cooking is a Science and Murph’s American Kitchen. His cuisine is “Global Fusion Americana” He attends most festivals involving food between Philly, NYC and Boston Chef Murph is the founder of Humans for People Foundation, whose goal is to attempt to save donated food giving in yet another life at food banks. Also he is a founding partner of the International Hospitality Society. He believes, Good food makes for better decisions. Bringing people and culture to the table, where problems can be solved. He is an Author of 50+ books free and 200+ Articles written links on his website.
Chef Murph, also act as a volunteer shelter chef cooking food regularly at homeless shelters, soup kitchens and missions around the country like Buffalo City Mission in Buffalo, NY, Joseph House Camden NJ, food banks and Veterans Multi-Service Centers, Nationwide. Most people don’t know that Chef is an American long haul Trucker with over 34+ years of experience, 5.2 million miles driving in 49 states and Canada. Aquaponics & wine farmer, Veteran of the US ARMY’s Elite Special Forces, X Federal Law Enforcement Officer and has served on Terrorist Task Force.

Highlights of his education include graduate of Escoffier International Culinary Academy in Hoffman Estates, Chicago IL, specialized in Culinary, Pastry, and World Spices and Salts, Culinary Institute of America NY, specializing in Gourmet Cooking, Top Chef University NYC, Wine Sommelier from Mediterranean Wine School, Malta EU, Child Nutrition From Stanford University, Studied Logistics: MIT/University of Napel/KAIST Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology and Hospitality and Aquaponics Engineering from Cornell University. Aquaculture; University of Hawaii /University of Virgin Islands. Soft Matter Engineering, Film and Sustainability Harvard University, BBS Management Thomas A Edison University,

About The Chef:
Chef Murph is a well-known celebrity chef that volunteers cooking at homeless shelters and soup kitchens around the country. His passion is for food and the feeding of people. You can get more information about his cooking by visiting his website at

Contact Details:
Author: Name: “Team Chef Murph”
Local Address: 10 Acrux Court, Sewell, NJ 08080
Phone Number: 856.668.6153
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