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Posted January 13, 2022 by clubmagichour

Made with love | The birth of Magic Hour was a pink moment for us, where sunset and sunrise were created.
Dream magic box is a must-have this season. Once again Magic Hour was out to spoil us with amazing teas. The magic box consists of 3 tea blends to make certain we have a healthy well-balanced restful sleep to deal with our stressful, busy lifestyles. Sip on a cup of Child`s Pose tonic tea and allow all anxiety and worries to melt away. This is the only way to end a busy stressful day. The enchanting caffeine-free tea is blended with excellent smooth flavor and aromatherapeutic benefits.

Design some quiet space with good literature and allow the comfort of time to be yours. There is no comparison to the benefits of Child`s Pose tea blend, it is a sweet and comforting apoptogenic tea formulated to relax your nervous system, unwind your mind and glide you into a beautiful sleep. Other benefits of the Child`s Pose blend are stopping the body`s stress response production of cortisol, soothing your system and gently relaxing your body. The sacred herbs and flowers connect your heart to your mind to take your body to a state of contentment.

The second blend in the magic box is the most consecrated Tulsi known as the Holy Basil, an herbal tonic for the body, mind, and spirit. Tulsi aids the body to adjust to the daily stresses and improves mental health by slowing down the secretion of the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol causes diseases and early aging if we don’t balance our stress levels. Happy Hour recommends Tulsi or known as Holy Basil as your go-to tea to sip on, to promote the body`s chemistry, slow it down and calm the nervous system. Deep breathing is stimulated by the refreshing aromas of peppermint to open the airways to the lungs. Lavender blossoms relieve tension throughout the body, tangerine uplifts and as for the rich aroma of Vanilla, it is so soothing to the palate.
The Tulsi global tea ritual was used for its religious, spiritual, and healing herb properties. For over 5000 years in India, they have and still do use Tulsi as a sacred herb for these properties. They believe Tulsi to be the earthy manifestation of the goddess Lakshmi, the divinity of wealth.

“The birth of Magic Hour was a pink moment for us, where sunset and sunrise were created. There is a reverence from dawn to dusk, where time stopped. The start of an amazing journey with amazing people to bring forth the healing properties of teas” says Zhena Muzyka founder of Magic Hour.

About Us
Magic Hour is the realization of our passion for teas. Teas have a very long and outstanding history that dates back over many centuries. For many generations, drinking tea has been much more than merely enjoying a refreshing hot beverage. It is rather a ceremony of healing and recovery, a moment to immerse mind, body, and soul into relaxation. It was also a time when tea drinkers appreciated the numerous health properties in this natural source of healing. These properties are what we celebrate at Magic Hour. Visit our website at or contact us directly and see all the natural goodness we have on offer to help you to maintain your mind, body and soul.
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