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Posted January 13, 2022 by clubmagichour

To be calm, energized and focused | Magic Hour Tea
Have you ever yearned to burst with wellness, calm energy, and focus? Don’t fret, Magic Hour has the solution you always dreamed to have. This green tea steeps a delicious cup of wellness and wisdom. “Our green tea is always biodynamically grown, handled with utmost care and respect by our passionate staff and experts, to ensure we give our customers the best nature can offer,” says Zhena Muzyka founder of Magic Hour.
It must be magical to indulge in a cup of health and wellness, boosted with a taste of an indulgent dessert. The tea flaunts flavors such as the bold scents of rich creamy coffee, salty chocolate, and creamy almond. All these bold flavors are combined in a cup of divine sweet green tea.

The ingredient is mind-blowing delicious, not to mention the health benefits it offers. Sencha green tea is used as the base to combine almond slices, black currant fruit, matcha, stevia leaf and natural almond extract. Almond green tea has remarkable qualities. It is boosted with candy flavor and is high in levels of L Theanine, which is the neuroprotective amino acid. Green tea is fantastic for the removal of toxins from the liver. We live in a world full of toxins, therefore we need to be mindful to help our bodies rid themselves of it, by cleansing it with nice and good things. Why not detox joyfully? By drinking green tea once, a day you naturally detox pleasantly.

With the high L-Theanine in matcha, you start to experience the euphoric blissfully. Always remember our health is the birth of our happiness. By keeping your focus on getting healthier, you are adding wellness to your life, family, friends, career, and relationships. Opt for a sip of almond green tea each day, this is an easy way to stay in a state of mind, health, and joy.
Looking for a solution to curb those sugar cravings? Look no further than Magic Hour almond green tea. The bold sweet flavor of almond green tea takes me back to a memory I will forever treasure. It is a memory of indulgence, eating a sweet dessert and the scent of rich coffee lingering on my palette. The indescribable flavor includes delicately crafted chocolate and creamy almond. After my first sip of almond green tea. I felt the explosion of pure aroma, the combination of flavors, just bursting in my mouth. Magic Hour creates perfectly blended green teas made with love and passion.

About Us
Magic Hour is the realization of our passion for teas. Teas have a very long and outstanding history that dates back over many centuries. For many generations, drinking tea has been much more than merely enjoying a refreshing hot beverage. It is rather a ceremony of healing and recovery, a moment to immerse mind, body and soul into relaxation. It was also a time when tea drinkers appreciated the numerous health properties in this natural source of healing. These properties are what we celebrate at Magic Hour. Visit our website at or contact us directly and see all the natural goodness we have on offer to help you to maintain your mind, body and soul.
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