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Posted January 13, 2022 by clubmagichour

The very best of ceremonial matcha tea | Magic Hour
Ceremonial Matcha is the tea with the highest levels of Theanine. Theanine is an amino acid that upsurges alpha wave movement in the brain, reduces anxiety and up your focus level. It is an ideal booster to calm the mind and body, increasing energy and subduing sugar cravings.
Japanese ceremonies, also known as Chanyous, have used Matcha since the 12th century in their mindfulness rituals. Purification needs to be done before such a ceremony. The graceful whisking of powdered matcha and hot water cups topped with a luscious matcha foam, before the Chanyous was how they took care of this requirement.
“Our organic ceremonial matcha is imported from Kagoshima Japan. So, it comes from very far away from pollutions and toxins. Our passionate team at Magic Hour carefully harvest our tea leaves, store them away in a dark place and only then stoneground it when preparing an order,” says Zhena Muzyka founder of Magic Hour. The wellness benefits of Matcha are endless. It promotes brain health and improves focus and memory.
With our busy stressful lifestyles, we need to take care of our heart, blood pressure and immunity. We need to boost our energy levels to cope with our everyday busy lives. We follow a trend to overindulge in convenient foods and totally forget about mindful eating and in the process damage our skin, almost to the point of no repair.

Let’s sit back today, in a place where you can find tranquility, your own space of calm, kick off your shoes and let’s begin our Chanyous ceremony, while you sip on Magic Hour ceremonial matcha tea to take us into a journey of calm and mindfulness. Only then, we will be able to enjoy the health benefits of the amazing healing properties matcha tea possess.
Matcha tea gives a boost in connectivity between the parietal and frontal cortex of the brain. This enriched connectivity results in an improvement in the working memory. It reduces appetite and assists with weight reduction by enhancing mindfulness while eating. It also brings down your stress levels to cope with everyday stress, ensure more energy and lower blood pressure. In this manner, it protects our hearts and makes our skin glow like sunset rays.

Magic Hour is proud to offer its customers the most pristine and fresh matcha on the market. All packaging is 100% environmentally friendly and waste-free. The team at Magic Hour is just as compassionate about ceremonial teas as you are. All their teas are made with love.
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Magic Hour is the realization of our passion for teas. Teas have a very long and outstanding history that dates back over many centuries. For many generations, drinking tea has been much more than merely enjoying a refreshing hot beverage. It is rather a ceremony of healing and recovery, a moment to immerse mind, body, and soul into relaxation. It was also a time when tea drinkers appreciated the numerous health properties in this natural source of healing. These properties are what we celebrate at Magic Hour. Visit our website at or contact us directly and see all the natural goodness we have on offer to help you to maintain your mind, body and soul.
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